MAC Julia Petit Collection

MAC is always coming up with Amazing collections and The Julia Petit Collection is great! I love all of its sparkly sun kissed shades and the Glow they give! The quality and style of the Range is grand , the black MAC packaging with the gold Julia Petit name written on it is simple and beautiful.

MAC Julia Petit
MAC Julia Petit

Now I bet you are wondering who is Julia Petit and why did MAC join forces with her to make this amazing range.. Well Julia Petit is a Famous Brazilian Beauty blogger , Model and TV presenter! And she is just Beautiful. From what I Read about her, her personality is just as stunning as her looks. She has fantastic ways of thinking of things, for example she believes that Beauty products should have more than one use, like using a lipstick as an eye shadow or a cheek tint. She says she is inspired and believes in the idea of beauty & makeup products that are for everyone, not just a certain type of person or race, but everyone!

MAC Julia petit collection

MAC’s description of the Julia Petit Collections is.. “Whether fearless and exotic or classically demure, Julia Petit’s brazen approach to style and makeup artistry has transformed her into one of South America’s most revered lifestyle bloggers, and a cult beauty icon. In her namesake M•A•C collaboration, she brings the alluring women and fantastical urban landscape of São Paulo to life with sizzling sun-kissed hues.” now Doesnt that just sound Amazing?

I Was a very lucky Girl and I Received 3 very beautiful Julia Petit MAC items from my Twitter Friend Dave Lackie!! He sent them to me all the way from Canada and I have totally just been loving them! If you do not know who Dave Lackie is then you should head over to twitter and give him a follow @davelackie. He is so funny and makes for some of the best days and twitter conversations I have had to date! And to make it even better he is constantly making people around the world happy with his wonderful Giveaways! so here is a quick look and Review of those items I received.

MAC Julia Petit

First up is the MAC Julia Petit Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder compact, I have to say that this is my favorite item of the range, I love the look of the sleek black compact with the nice mirror inside and pressed white powder. Before this I had never tried any of the MAC Prep+Prime products but I am now so totally sold its not even funny! Honestly do not understand how I ever did a day without it. Before this arrived on my doorstep I was having endless problems with my foundation staying in place and my makeup settling into lines, basically my makeup was misbehaving and making me look older (and yes I had tried other primers and powders) The Day I tried this MAC finishing powder it just fixed all my problems! like Magic…. It set my foundation into place, it prevented my makeup from settling into lines and it keeps an all day no shine matte effect finish. It works 100% perfectly for me!  To make it even better, a little goes a long was with this, it can be applied to skin before and after makeup depending on your needs and can also be applied to skin without makeup to control shine.

MAC Julia Petit Lipglass

The Second item I received is the MAC Julia Petit Lipglass. I must be honest, I have never really liked lip-gloss, i Find it to be too sticky for me and generally annoys me. I am however very happy to report that the MAC lipglass does not have that very sticky feeling you get from most lip-gloss products, its actually very pleasant and it feels moisturizing and not sticky. the shade is a lovely neutral glowing golden pink with a slight shimmer to it. It is great to wear on its own and also works well to gloss up a lipstick. I Find it to be long lasting and it makes my lips look amazing on photos!

MAC julia petit eyeshadow morgonite MAC Julia Petit eyeshadow

Lastly but definitely not least, is the Julia Petit eye-shadow Duo in Morganite. Wow is all i can say for this one, Really! It is like this eye-shadow was sent down from heaven it is so amazing, the quality and pigment of the color is the best I have ever come across. It consists of two neutral shades, a matte dark brown called chocolate cake and a light shimmery golden shade called Sunstoned. They are easy to blend with each other and they stick to skin so well that they really wear perfectly all day! I mean iv done the whole day and at bed time my eyes still look so good its a shame to have to wash my face!  The dark matte brown is perfect to line the lid and then use the shimmer gold to fill in the lid and I then like to blend a bit of the dark on the outer corners of the lid for a slightly smokey look.

To finish off my Makeup Post as usual here is a Selfie or two!! A Girl has to try out the makeup hehe ;)

MAC Julia petite lipgloss
Wearing the Lipglass
MAC Julian Petite eyeshadow
With the Matte brown to line the lid and a touch of the light gold
MAC Julia Petit look
Same look just with a tad more dark brown and a bit of pink lipstick
A Lovely smokey brown look
A Lovely smokey brown look

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  1. I always admire MAC from afar… because I recon I dont know what to do with the product and I dont want to look too “done up”… but I love how natural these look on your face!! xx

    1. If you know that you like more of a natural look then it’s definitely worth spending money on some MAC but making sure you get items that go with that general look you like so that you get the most out of them :)

  2. Wow this is an awesome review I love the fact that it’s simple and natural but yet speaks volume , I use Mac my self but I must say it’s expensive but it’s worth every cent ,and the whole make up is perfectly applied :)

  3. I am so keen to try out that powder now after reading this! I adore the prep+prime range, it is top notch!


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