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Pink Beyond!! is how i would explain the new Mac viva glam Milley Cyrus lipstick!! and as you would know if you have been following my posts, im more into nude natural shades so trying this one was now really out of the box thinking for me lol.. but ok here we go..

so after a few days of the Viva glam advertising flashing on the Beauty Bulletin site i received a email saying Free shipping from mac, and yes i jumped onto this faster than you can imagine, only because i find shipping is so over priced that sometimes it costs more that the item your ordering.

im never bought from Mac before and i am super pleased to report that their site is fabulous!! its pretty and easy to navigate. it didnt take me long to register and i was well on my way to choosing something to buy. i almost ended up buying my usual shade of nude and then i decided to jump onto the viva glam wagon and go for the brightest one! plus mac puts the funds towards a good cause for HIV/AIDS.


so here i am with my super hot pink viva glam lipstick (its 10pm and im wearing it while typing this, getting into the zone lol) .. to be honest i was scared of it at first and thought dammit this is gonna end up one of the shades i never use. but after playing with it and having a good giggle at work about it and taking some photos iv decided that i LOVE IT!!  but why??  its because its the ultimate girly lipstick! the kinda one every girl wants to wear but cant necessarily pull off,  it makes you feel sexy and want to dress up all beautiful and put your heels on and go dance! or go for cocktails or flip just go do something!!! the only thing i got to do today is fetch my daughter at school but even that was good enough.


the quality of the mac lipstick is amazing!! the color is bright and deep and it applies like a dream and smells and even tastes nice on the lips! it doesnt smudge or transfer easily and lasts forever on . it goes for R195 on the mac site and is worth its price! its also got uniquely beautiful packaging and is eye catching and features Milleys signature in hot pink writing against the black package. and even my husband upon arrival at home and a kiss was happy to say that it smells nice and he would be happy kissing me wearing it hahaha .

Mac also delivers super fast, like you have it in 2 days fast so thats an upside for us girls that dont like to wait for their pretty things!!!

so if your feeling bold and daring… then go get yourself some viva glam!! and instead of sitting home and watching the Bold and the Beautiful (dont laugh i do) then go out and have fun with the girls! cause thats what lipstick shades like this are made for!!!!!



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  1. perfume says:

    This reminds me a saying of who else but Chanel, “A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future. It is more of a lasting citrus smell mixed in with a nice hidden floral scent splash in it. However, the scent may not last as long, because the brand may not use as strong as of essential oils.

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