MAC Wash and Dry Collection

MAC cosmetics regularly brings out new collections that are always grand, but for me the one this year that stood out the most was the MAC Wash and Dry collection. Obviously the thing that caught my attention first was the beyond stunning packaging, it is truly just so so beautiful! Probably my favorite out of all the collections released!!

MAC Wash and Dry collection

The collection shows off a colorful metallic packaging that immediately draws your attention, It is a full range with shadows, glosses, lipsticks,blush,bronzer, nail colors and even a few brushes and a makeup bag if you were one of the lucky ones to get your hands on those before they so very quickly sold out. I mean they really sold out quickly!! It was a scramble to get online fast enough to order before it was all gone here , when I got onto buying some most of the shades I wanted were already gone so I settled for a nail colour and a lipstick. Lucky for me the other day I got a little Surprise gift and it was the Wash and Dry Highlight powder in shade Freshen up, YAY I am still so excited haha lucky me because this is the exact one I was so lusting over and wishing to have. Big Thanx to Dave Lackie for sending it to me.

MAC Freshen up Highlight powder

For me the shades I ended up with have a nude, bronzed look with peachy coral tints. The Lipstick I have is the Tumble Dry shade and when you look at the color of it and then the color you get when you apply it, it is very different, at first glance it looks like a orange coral color and I did expect it to be brighter and more noticeable on lips but in actual fact it is very subtle and comes out a nude peach which you will see in the photos I have taken of me wearing it. It is a very creamy lipstick and wears nice and long. Plus again I LOVE the packaging, its so pretty! Who wouldn’t want to carry this lipstick in their hand bag.

MAC Wash and Dry

The Nail color I took in shade washeteria is a blue turquoise color that is oh so pretty and glossy when applied, I created a stunning nail look using it and just a few simple metallic nail art strips. It is a long wearing nail color and perfect for summer days. So very nice to have a burst of color on the nails to brighten up the look with all these other items being mostly nudes. The only thing with this nail color is you really do have to apply a base coat first, when I first got it I made the mistake of applying it straight to my nails quickly to see what it looked like and when I took off my nail polish a day later , All my nails were stained blue lol and I walked around with blue stained nails for a while haha. Note to self: Always use a clear base coat!!

MAC freshen up swatches

My favorite Item I have of this collection is the Freshen up highlight powder, Such a stunning item! When I got it I couldn’t stop looking at it haha and it took me a few days of taking photos to finally decide to swatch and use it. The top overspray is very golden and shimmery but once you get through that top layer then it settles to a very matte nude combination of shades. It has three different shades to it , the lightest bottom one is very light and like a beige nude that I find mattifying and it kind of evens out skin tone. The second shade up is more of a light peach color and is great for a subtle blushed highlight look and then the third shade is a darker coral pink color that defines cheeks perfectly!! You can see from the swatched above what the shades look like, they are so nude and subtle that it was hard to catch the swatch properly on camera. It is not the usual shade I would call a highlight powder but oddly it does the job rather well at highlighting and defining the the cheek area. This is going to be great to use now going into summer with bronzed skin! I would love to get my hands on the bronzer from this collection! Here is a photo or two I took of me weather the highlight powder and Tumble Dry lipstick.

MAC Tumble Dry Lipstick swatch

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