Make romantic getaways a regular occurrence.

February is considered the Month of love and with Valentines day being high on everyone’s minds, we see a big increase in romantic getaways and dates.

But do we have to wait for a “special occasion” to have an excuse to escape?

I say no! Let’s have a look at quick anniversary and romantic escape destinations.

A regular weekend away from your children could make or break your marriage. It could be the difference between you feeling overwhelmed with life, or you feeling like you can happily continue the hustle.

Bottlierskop Game reserve

One night away at a romantic destination can be enough to give you a boost of energy and love. There are a few tricks to making time to break away tho and I find it is best to plan ahead and arrange babysitters and bookings before the time so that it is all done and you no longer have to worry about it. You can then get your break away without interference, it is also a great idea to then already start planning your next romantic event, plan a few months in advance.

My Favorite places to go to are forest getaways or nature retreats, preferable a self catering or free standing unit that provides enough privacy to make it extra romantic. I also make sure to look for a place that has a nice big bath or Jacuzzi to relax in.

If we plan to go away for a Saturday night then it is just enough time away from the kids and easy to arrange a babysitter, we leave early Saturday and have the day and night as well as Sunday to relax before returning to the chaos of life.

Pack in some comfortable clothing, bath time goodies, bottle of champagne and definitely your Young Living Essential Oils! If you are a breastfeeding mom then also do not forget your breast pump!

A quick search on Travelstart will help you find easy local accommodation but here are a few of my top picks…

We are very lucky to live in such a stunning country that has so many hidden gems and places to visit, you can almost certainly find perfect accommodation within driving distance.

Where will your next quick anniversary getaway be? Or do you have a favorite spot to visit?

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