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Makeup Revolution haul & How to Order from them.

So two months ago I decided to go look on the Makeup Revolution website to see what all the fuss was about , cause everywhere I look my beauty world friends are raving about these awesome products!! Here is my Makeup Revolution haul details.

Makeup Revolution is unfortunately not available in South Africa yet but we do have the option to buy off of their UK website and have it posted to us. The only issue is that it then goes through the post office and ja well we all know the story there lol. It took 6 weeks for me to receive my order via the post office, it arrived in 100% perfect condition and i am in Looove with all of it! Also just to add , DONT Forget about my COMPETITION as i am giving away one of my Makeup Revolution items in it :) so go check that out!

Makeup Revolution

I went slightly over board with my order lol , well actually not if i sit and think about it and the actual amount of items i got for my money is fantastic!!! my whole order including shipping came to R787. And now looking back I wish I had ordered more and there are certain items I wish I had included and I am definitely planning on placing another order! That’s flipping for sure lol here is a brake down of how the order and pricing of items look:

  1. Iconic 3 ZAR73.27
  2. Ultra Blush and Contour Palette Golden Sugar ZAR109.91
  3. I ♡ Makeup Brow Kit I woke up this groomed ZAR54.77
  4. Spring Collection Limited Edition 1/2 Price Collection ZAR183.18
  5. Amazing Care Lipstick #happylips Electric Love ZAR27.48
  6. Pro Fix Oil Control Makeup Fixing Spray ZAR91.59
  7. Amazing Care Lipstick #happylips Love a Hug ZAR27
  8. Shipping & Handling ZAR218.90

Grand Total ZAR786.58/ Grand Total to be Charged £42.94

I Think if looking at the Prices of the items and comparing it to products available in SA then these are actually a very big bargain! The quality of these are much better than a lot of the brands I have tried that are in the same price range, I can honestly say I am happy with every single item  that i bought and they have left me wanting more! If you love makeup and you are looking to buy new products then I would really recommend you treat your self to a Makeup Revolution order! Cause lets be honest, its worth the wait and I can actually spend more money at Dischem on a random day on random products hehe so why not get something a little more special for your money!

Makeup Revolution Sin palette
Makeup revolution

The eye shadow’s have amazing pigment and color and go on smoothly and easily, no scratching at the color to get enough on the brush for the color to actual show up kinda thing, these are great!!!! Makeup Revolution has so many different eye shadow colors to choose from and stunning different palettes, I wish I could own them all and maybe one day I probably will hehe

Makeup Revolution go to hell
Makeup Revolution palette

One of my favorite items from my order has definitely got to be the Golden sugar blush palette. It Is just plain Gorgeous!!! I cant get enough of it, playing with it… looking at it… taking photos of it! I adore it. It is so far the best blush palette I have ever had! And second to that the item I have found myself using loads is the Pro fix setting spray, its such a handy spray and really does do its job very very well! I feel like we should all stock up on this one hehe

Makeup Revolution Golden sugar blush palette
Makeup Revolution

The smaller items I got in the order like the Mascara, vivid blush lacquer, Kajal liner and the eye primer are all also great! And I must say I have been getting good use out of the little brow palette. I Will be doing proper closer reviews of all of these precious items as I go along and use them! Just had to share some pics and details with everyone!

Makeup Revolution pro fixing spray
Makeup Revolution

Its Going to be a busy week for me on the Blog :) Don’t forget to check out my Competition that is currently running and tell all your friends to have a look at it too :) . I Have lots of exciting stuff happening and more Giveaways coming up very soon so stay tuned :)


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  1. Nothing like a good haul. I’d love to see a look with some of those bright eyeshadows you got :)

    1. Thanx, Yes i will definitely work on a nice bright look with these :) its going to be fun to play around with!

  2. I heard so much about Makeup Revolution so I decided to place my order too, but my account says that I have placed no orders. Did they send you any information after ordering or maybe an e-mail to confirm that you did it right? :)

    1. You should get an email from them with your order details, sometimes it takes a day or two to get the email. Did u get an order number? They are very helpful if u email them and ask, or u can pop them a inbox on Facebook.

      1. I got nothing. The tab just reloaded and opened checkout page again but this time with no card details or anything about the payment method. I contacted them and I’m still waiting for an answer. Do you think they would reply faster if I sent them a message on Facebook?

  3. Dewitt Balceiro says:

    Nice website, I love the posts.

  4. Hello! I was just wondering how much the customs were? To be honest, that’s the only reason I haven’t placed my order yet!

    1. Melissa says:

      Hi Bianca,I actually got away with not paying customs on this order, it was a R700 order and came in through the post office. The general rule is to keep your order under R500 to avoid customs. If you go over R500 then I think its about 40% customs fee. I always keep under R500 and rather order twice for like R450 and save on the customs.

  5. Clive Lewis says:

    Make Up Revolution is on its way to S.A. On our way to the UK next week to attend the MUR 3rd Birthday party in London, meeting Mr. Makeup and the TAM Beauty team and expect to bring Revolution into South Africa in the not too distant future. We already do the TAM Haircare range consisting of Colour B4, Colour On, Colourless and Free from Frizz. Will make sure that Pretty Messy Melon is the first to know once arrangements have been concluded. Soooo exciting, unbelievable range of products, great quality at hugely affordable prices.

    1. Melissa says:

      Hello Clive. That is the best news I have heard all year! Please pop me an email at so we can have a chat. I would love to hear more about Make up Revolution coming over and maybe we can do some kind of a “Coming soon” Announcement. Maybe we can also have a chat about the products you currently do. I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Clive Lewis says:

    Check out the latest arrival from MUR London, Camo pallete’s as well as Naked Chocolate and Dark Chocolate pallete’s. These are super cool. Go to TAM Beauty and see for yourself. Coming soon to these shores…..

  7. Juwairia says:

    Hi Melissa,I wanted to know about the online shopping said it needs to be under or just R500 for it to not qualify for the shipping cost included in this amount too,or is it R500 on shopping products and whatever is extra for shipping doesn’t count or isn’t added to the amount..Thanks a million

    1. Melissa says:

      Hello. Its shipping included. Your total must be under R500 otherwise they will definitely charge you customs fees. Iv had it R525 and they charged me an extra R460 in fees :(

      1. Juwairia says:

        Thanks so much for the feedback,much appreciated

  8. Dhirja says:

    Hey Melissa

    Please can you post a step by step on how to order online from MUR. It’s my first time doing online shopping and your help will be greatly appreciated!

    Lots of love

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