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Making memories with Kids Emporium

I was very excited when Mandy Lee Miller approached me to work with Kids Emporium as part of the Making Memories campaign. Mandy is a campaign consultant and loves pairing up the perfect bloggers with brands.

My local Kids Emporium store in George ran an awesome Making Memories campaign in July, where they teamed up with local photographers to give back to their customers. I was lucky enough to be selected to work with photographer Melanie Mare by the Kids Emporium team.

Melanie Mare Photography

Kids Emporium stores have always been a great favorite to me, always friendly and have a wide variety of awesome products for pregnancy and children. As most of you know I just gave birth to my little baby Violet a month ago so I have made good use of shopping at Kids Emporium. They always have lovely campaigns and ways to give back to their customers, you can follow them on Facebook HERE to make sure you do not miss out!

Kids Emporium George

Having the opportunity to work with Melanie Mare and do a family photo shoot was truly amazing! Melanie is a very talented photographer that lives in George, we chose to do a studio shoot when Violet was born so that we could get some newborn photos of her with us as a family together. The moment I heard we had been assigned Melanie as our photographer for the campaign I was excited, I went and had a look at her website and got even more excited as I saw she has an absolute stunning display of photos and is obviously very talented!

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The day of the photo shoot I rushed like a mad thing to get finished, with a new baby in the house and having to get our other daughter ready it was a bit nerve wrecking and I was also nervous about even looking good in photos because it was just 7 days after giving birth! I was worried I would look terrible but Melanie told me not to worry about that and guided me in the correct direction on what to wear and what to dress the rest of the family in. Her being so helpful really made a big difference.

south african blogger

If you have ever done a family photo shoot then you will know that the hardest part is getting the kids to behave and sit for photos! Our little 3 year old daughter Zoe is some what hyperactive and or tho she is extremely beautiful it is hard to get her to sit still for a photo, never mind get her to pose and smile. I was stressed that we were gonna have our hands full but Melanie was great with the kids, she had Zoe doing exactly what she wanted and posing like a little model! Melanie knew just how to talk to Zoe to get her to calm down and had such patience with us and the new baby. The photo shoot was a breeze to do and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for stunning family photos.


family photo shoot

Thank you to Kids Emporium, Mandy-Lee Miller and Melanie Mare! It was a truly memorable experience.

Remember to follow Kids Emporium HERE and if you are looking for a fantastic photographer then check out Melanie’s website . If you are looking for a fabulous brand consultant to handle your campaign then look no further than Mandy-Lee Miller, you can find her over at .


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