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I had so many beauty and makeup favorites from May that its hard to actually do a post but I have chosen out the ones I ended up using more so here they are! They have become kind of my everyday makeup products and when all used together make a very pretty look.

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Ill start with The Mascara and the Foundation. This mascara is a new one from Revlon SA, It is the Revlon Ultimate All-In-One mascara and the first thing you will notice about it is that the brush is strangely small. I have to be honest that I struggled to apply with the brush the first 2 or 3 times I tried it but once you get the hang of it then you realize it is actually very handy. It is nice because it focuses on a small area of lashes at a time and gives them volume and length and it is also great for getting into the corners for beautiful definition. I find this mascara formula to be wonderful and it is worth pushing through with getting used to the brush. Availible on Zando for R159

The Foundation I found this month that is great is the new Maybelline dream velvet soft-matte foundation. I love it because it has that same whipped up soft feeling like the dream matte mousse with a subtle matte finish plus it is hydrating, making it the perfect winter foundation! I use it in shade 10 Ivory and you can buy it from Zando online for only R139

Revlon all in one mascara

Next up I have the Colourpop highlighter in shade Highly Waisted, I am a huge fan of the Colourpop Highlighters because of their soft feel and touch and intense pigment! I use my Aramex Global shopper account to order straight from Colourpop and get my hands on them. This shade is a high shine rose gold highlighter that illuminates anywhere on your face you want to put it, I got mad with it lol. They sell for $8 (R119).

The next item on my list is the Guerlain meteorites voyage pressed powder. Now mine looks a bit odd because its the sample I received to test but these are high end beauty and normally come in a stunning compact that anyone would dream to own! The genius behind this mixed color pressed powder is that it works as a illumination and color corrector plus a finishing/setting powder all in one, I use it after applying my foundation and with a buffing brush to blend and because it is a powder it does kind of help to set while doing it’s brilliance. Leaving your skin glowing and perfect! (The white reflects light, purple captures light, green combats redness, champagne illuminated, pink reveals a glowy effect.) To be honest I am not sure where in SA you would buy this but if you do find it then get it asap!

Guerlain Meteorites voyage pressed powder

And my lippie choice for the month. I am loving the Woolworth SA white smudge proof lipliner, What I love about this liner is that it goes on a clear white so you can use it with any lip color or lipstick that you have, it is completely universal and it lives in my makeup bag in my handbag and then I just swop and change lipstick. This is a roll out retractable liner and you can buy it from woolies online for only R99-95

The Lipstick for the month of May that stole my heart is the Revlon SA ultra HD lipstick in shade 830 Rose. My reason for loving this one is that it applies perfectly even on dry lips! It is not over glossy or oily, just perfect and hydrating and stays in place well! This Rose shade is the perfect pink for me and goes with just about anything. This you can buy on Zando for R145.

Revlon ultra HD lipstick

Lastly today, and this fabulous product is for your hair! This is the Kevin Murphy Staying Alive leave in treatment for hair. I have been spraying this on daily now because with the renovations and basically living in a construction site at my house, the dust from the cement and all has made my poor hair feel horrible! Thankfully this product has saved me and I can spray some on everyday without it leaving my hair feeling heavy or oily, It is weightless and non sticky/oily so you basically can go mad with it. This leave in treatment helps repair and protect damaged hair and as well as heal and repair your scalp if you have issues with that. After a few days of using it you can really see a difference in your hairs appearance and feeling. Availible to purchase from RetailBox for R350.

Kevin Murphy Staying.Alive

Now if you put all of this together then you get the following look that I have taken some nice pictures of.

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