Medela swing breast pump

Ethan is 5 months old this week and that marks 5 months of breastfeeding him. 5 months of using the Medela swing breast pump as well as the Medela products that go with it.

Medela swing breast pump

I had never used a Medela pump before but I had struggled with previous pumps so I was very excited when Medela offered to gift me a pump and accessories to review. We had used the Medela calma bottles with Violet so I knew the quality would be amazing.

My previous problem with pumps were that they just were not getting the suction right and I only found out while doing product training with Medela that Medela makes different sizes of the personal fit breast shield so that your pump correctly fits your breast. Everyone has different breast and nipple sizes so why should we expect one size pump to fit all. If the standard size Medela breast shield doesn’t work correctly for you then you can buy a different size for only R139. The correct cup size will sort out your suction problems and result in a hassle free milk expression. The below image explains what I am talking about.

I also learnt more about the calma bottles and how great they are for newborns and breast fed babies to avoid nipple confusion because they mimic the suction pull that babies get when breastfeeding, the baby needs to create a suction to get milk and it then allows for a breast like milk flow that let’s baby drink, pause and breath in a natural rhythm just like on the breast. These are also popular among ICU babies.

It has been great learning new things about breastfeeding and creating a good relationship between breast, pump, and bottle feeding so you have a smooth feeding cycle.

Information that I didn’t know like the Medela nipple shields can be used by moms with flat/inverted nipples to help get the nipple up and feed baby. I always thought these were just to protect your nipples from damage or when they are damaged.

I have come to trust my Medela pump as being reliable and effective. It can be battery operated or plugged in and battery mode has just as great a result as power. The slow starting setting of the pump is great to get my milk flowing with a good let down and then a click of a button switches over to a more powerful suction with a different motion to take full advantage of the let down and get the milk flowing.

I love the sleek design of the Medela pump and how everything fits together perfectly. It is also easy to order/buy a new part if you need it or to get help from the Medela SA team if you are having problems. You can purchase Pumps, parts and accessories online from or email if you questions or need help.

Medela calma bottles for newborns

We would be here forever and a day if I started telling you about all the amazing accessories available so I am just going to do a quick run through and I’ll do a more in depth accessories post later on.

My favorite Medela accessory has definitely got to be the quick clean microwave sterilizing bags. It makes cleaning and sterilizing your pump, bottles, pacifier and any other item an absolute comfort breeze. Each bag can be re used 20 times (I probably shouldn’t say this but I use them a bit more than that lol they are pretty durable) and you just put 60ml water in the bottom of the bag and pop it in the microwave and you’re done. They sell for R320 for a pack of 5 and honestly I think every mom should own them even if they don’t use a Medela pump. It’s just great for everything.

Medela milk store bags

I am also very fond of the Medela City Style cooler bag set.The bag is great for keeping all your pump pieces together with everything you need for a pumping session as well as the milk storage cooler bag it comes with. It’s such a sleek/pretty looking bag that I would even use it as a diaper bag.

All in all, the Medela swing pump and its accessories all get a big thumbs up from me. I have had no issues with it and it works like a dream. Paired with the excellent customer service and support from the Medela SA team, I would highly recommend this product.

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