My Essence all About Nudes review and Pics for a nice winter look .

Iv done two weeks worth of Trying out the latest Essence i love Nudes range i got and iv loved every minute of it!

here is a little look i did with a more lighter nude color and it really does look nice, it remind me of cold frosty , snow on the mountain winter days that are crispy and fresh. the light nudes stand out great on the eyes and lips and really is very nice for brightening up the face!! i took a few pics so you can see.


the Essence range is super cool for the price of it as all the items i used ranged between R50 to R80 and are available at dischem and clicks. the texture of the Nude eye shadow singles is very soft powdery feel and they apply nicely , i found its best to smudge a layer of color and then tap a second layer over to get the color going nicely , i think as they are natural nude shades it takes a bit for them to show up on skin.


the Essence Nude lipsticks come in darker and lighter nudes in a longwear , i used a lighter one shade “01 wearing only a smile” in my photos as it stands out more and i did a touch of the Xxxl lip gloss but im not fond of it as it is too sticky so i would limit over doing it with that.


its a very natural look and i find its nice to mix with a bright lip color cause then it really brings out the lips perfectly if you want attention to be on them or want to match your lip color to your shirt or scarf for the day. works wonderfully!!

This look also goes Fantastic with lash definition as the lashes stand out in front of the color so if you want attention on your lashes then nudes are the way to go!! the Essence lash princess mascara with false lash effect worked well. you can pair it with a colored eye liner on the lids for a touch of color or to maybe go with outfit or lips. so dont think your limited stuck with the completely white look of it.



For the price you can really go out and get yourself the whole range to play around with and it is nice for winter now!! try them out and let me know what you think :)


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  1. nicolemommy2boys says:

    Really pretty soft look :)

    1. Thank you :) it’s a very nice soft look. Xx

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