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My Extreme Love for The Body Shop and why its so addictive!! #NewPulseWatercrest

Iv reached a point in my life where i dont go a day without using my body shop products and bath time is like an event for me where i match my items and scents and get all excited about the 20min (if that much) of peace i get to relax in some hot water for some beautiful smelling body shop stuff!!  my heaven sent 20min after  a very long day of up and down between work and launching my blog and my daughter running circles around me.


all the Lovely Body shop stuff smells great! honestly its like the main reason i love the stuff so much!! like the most awesome fruity fresh ,floral smell iv ever smelt!! i could sit there and sniff it all day, its like you can eat it it smells so good!! and it ALL feels soooo nice on my skin! from the scrub to the wash and the body butter , its my whole body routine sorted at one shop and i can match all my scents! and They also have  wonderful range of skin care products and make up that im a super fan of because im for a long time now used the Tea tree skin clearing range to keep me skin blemish free. and the price is good for the quality you are getting! or tho most people may think its a tad expensive but really just go buy 3 items, a wash, a scrub and a body butter. and you will definitely find it in a scent that you love! with a matching body mist haha . I can guarantee you will go back for more!


The items all use community Fair trade ingredients and are against animal testing!! so why wouldn’t you wanna buy it!!! all your must have beauty items in one shop , did i mention the makeup is awesome!!! plus you can get a body shop club card that you earn points on and they are not like super stingy with their vouchers cause i always get nice ones from my club card usage!

the Lovely Ladies at the Body Shop Garden route mall know my very well and they even saved me at the mall the other day when i got so excited about buying stuff that i left me car keys there and the mall was closing for load shedding but they managed to get my keys back to me! so Thanx body shop!! I Love your stuff! #NewPulseWatercrest

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  1. Wow that’s a lot of body shop stuff! I recently picked up the raspberry scrub and love it!
    Kirsty x


    1. The raspberry is my favourite!!! And the blueberry is also great!! I love the smell :)

  2. I have never used it before I should really try it, but il be honest I love products that have great smell so the bathroom has that smell too I know it’s kinda crazy but thats how I wanted it, but it’s important that the body wash should benefit my skin and relaxing

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