My Hair Adventures with Joico!

My poor hair!! I Normally don’t go doing too many strange things to my hair cause I have learnt over the years that its best to be as natural as possible cause otherwise i end up with badly damaged hair.

Firstly i must start with how i ended up at a salon.. It was my Birthday and my Beautiful best friend Sandy surprised me with a visit for the weekend! Me and Sandy have been talking for months about doing something totally different and crazy with our hair, she has always been a stunning blonde and wanted to so something wild and go red with the hair but she didn’t have the guts to do it until she rocked up here and decided to book an appointment on my birthday and then of course I tagged along and also just had to do my hair as well cause me and her are bad when it comes to doing things together (we even have matching little owl tattoos). I decided to go light golden brown with my hair so that I could at least see a difference for a change, now lets just say it didn’t come out the way i was hoping and i ended up with uneven color that was a light glowing orange ginger color of serious irritation on the top root area and my mid length was still my usual brown just a tad lighter and then the ends were another shade of light brown(I probably make it sound worse than it was but hell i was just hating it! ) . By Thursday I was crying on the couch begging my husband to just bring home a cheapy box of color so i can cover it! Now thank the lord i decided against that idea haha

I struggled to properly take a picture that could show just how bad the color difference is but here it is .

Hair Disasters and how to fix
My poor uneven hair color after first attempt

Friday Morning I took the advice of Joico South Africa and booked an emergency hair appointment at a stunning salon that they recommended. Hair Studio in George , I arrived there at 1:30 Friday afternoon and Got a Lovely stylist named Inga! After a good laugh about the state my poor hair was in she managed to relax me and we decided on going back to a luscious dark brown with some highlights and purple streaks to give it some definition and funk! Hair studio used Joico products so the actual color that they used on my hair was the Joico Vero k-pak color and its actually designed to reconstruct and be good for your hair! So that you don’t have to stress about it causing hair damage and you can totally just have fun coloring,  I needed this cause I was so upset that i could feel the damage caused by the previous weeks attempt at changing my hair color :(

Joico vero k-pak color
Joico k-pak color
Hair disasters and how to fix
At hair studio with the pretty Joico in the background

I Spent 3 hours at Hair Studio in George, I had so much fun, the staff are friendly and relaxed me and made me such lekker coffee hehe :)  My stylist made very sure that my hair was coming out perfectly!! The result at the end is just amazing! I am once again in love with my hair. The color is shiny, bright and vibrant and the highlights are a beautiful crisp blonde color! My favorite is the pretty redish purple streaks that have totally made me feel fun and happy again! The condition of my hair after the Joico color is Better that when i walked in the salon , even tho i can still feel the damage from the previous weeks mess up , I know that if I continue using my trusty Joico K-pak range Conditioner and treatments at home then a few weeks from now my hair will be Awesome again and looking even better than before I decided to do strange things with it lol

Stunning after result
Stunning after result

So a Super big thank you to Joico SA for the great salon recommendation! I would Definitely recommend to anyone wanting to get their hair colored to go to a salon using Joico , if you cant find one then you can just get in touch with Joico SA on Facebook or on twitter @Joico_SA and they can recommend a salon in your area! You can also follow them on social media to see stunning photos of hair transformations , maybe you get some inspiration!!

And a huge hug and thanx to Hair Studio George for doing such an amazing Job with my hair! ill be going back soon to add more purple in so keep an eye out for that and follow my hair adventures some more :)

If you would like to buy yourself some of the amazing Joico products for home hair care then head over to The Test Box website and get shopping!! They have Joico in the March and April Test box that is still available to buy for only R160! And im sure it will convince you to sign up for the monthly subscription box so that you make sure you get top hair care products delivered to your door every month for only R160 a month.


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  1. Helen Jackson says:

    LOVE IT!! Hair Studio is the best!

    1. They did such a fantastic job with my hair! i couldnt be happier

  2. Naidene Cooper says:

    Your hair looks Amazing! I can relate, had a good few hair emergencies myself! I will definitely recommend Hair Studio and Joico products to a friend of mine who has just relocated to George.

    1. Thanx Naidene, yes please recommend Hair studio to your friend, iv tried most of the salons in town and they are just fantastic!

  3. Lizna says:

    So happy you managed to have your hair fixed, it looks beautiful now, that other salon is now on both of our “stay away” lists, your experience there was much worse than mine but it had both of us in tears. I think I should give Hair Studio a try next time I have my hair done!

    Pieces in Pink | Lifestyle & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanx :) ja I’m so glad I went to Hair Studio!! They are just fantastic. I don’t think I’ll try another salon again lol

      1. Lizna says:

        Ah yes once you found that one amazing stylist you just need to go back to the same one

  4. candice says:

    your hair looks stunning… I have always used redken, think il give joico a try :)

    1. I was also a redken girl hehe. But i am so in love with my Joico now, iv never had a product repair my hair like Joico K-pak does!

  5. Hi , im a new blogger :) i would love if you could have a look at my blog and follow :

  6. Lynne says:

    So happy that you got to fix your hair! It looks absolutely amazing :D

    1. Thanx so much hun :) it’s been a rough ride with my hair but i must say that at least with all the Joico products and guidance from Joico SA my hair is still healthy and that’s the important part :)

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