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My New Bikini and an EOS lip balm , the amazing site i got them from and exactly why i bought a bikini at the start of winter!!!!

Now in the last week iv been asked by more than one person including my husband as to why i am now, at the start of winter buying myself a new bikini?!

My answer is rather simple, FOR MOTIVATION and also a pretty something to look forward to for summer! im currently on a diet, well im forever on a diet but recently i am looking my best! and i do want very muchly to fit nicely into my pretty bikini by the time the weather is enjoyable again . i have found my little happy place between jogging and other exercise and eating healthy but not in a way that starves me of all things yummy.

bikini eos

Now my Beautiful new Bikini as you will see in my photos :) i purchased online from , if you have not yet checked out the site then please go do so asap!! because they have the most awesome range of amazing bikinis iv seen in a very long time cause here where i am in George we are very limited with out choice in shopping! And an added bonus is the price is like amazing! plus u can pick a different size for your top and your bottom, this is good for me cause im small boobs 32 A top with a 34 hip. And they dont charge you extra for this :) they also Courier cheaply and Fast and effectively with no problems at all.  Now pls im not a model but you should see they look as pretty in real life as they do on the sitebikini 2

I didnt log onto Bikini club to buy a bikini… haha i went there after Hayls sent me there looking for EOS lip balm!! now i did find my EOS and i also ended up with a bikini and since then i have again today ordered another bikini for a friend as a birthday present, and oooh the site also does gift vouchers so spread the love girls!!

My fantastic oh soooo yummy EOS lip balm that is like candy desert for your lips! and the comes in a fantastic range of flavors, this is my first EOS and im excited about it, i want it to go everywhere with me. it makes all the other lip balms iv ever tried look silly haha. i picked the Raspberry pomegranate one  and i cant get enough of it. they sell for R90 /R80/R100 depending on which one you want. but its worth it like so many other things i love! and its a perfect fit with your bikini! Go order some or just look at the site and marvel over the nice things!! maybe u also find your motivation to start getting ready for the next summer :)

eos 3eos1

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  1. sandy says:

    You look great! That bikini is so in fashion! I still have ALOT of baby weight
    to shed before I fit into a bikini! cellulite for dayyyys! perhaps blog about some anti cellulite products!

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