NARS Christopher Kane 2015 Limited Edition Collection

I have waited a while to get this post done, The reason for this was that these Items are so beautiful that I was waiting for the right moment of inspiration that could be paired perfectly to a post deserving of the products. I Was gifted these Item from my lovely Twitter Friend Dave, They arrived with the courier one day as a surprise. I have had them standing on my makeup desk where I can look at them everyday and to be honest I was putting off using them cause I did not want to ruin how beautiful they are. Now some people are gonna think I am silly saying that, But I really have a big love and appreciation for special Makeup products with stunning packaging and luxurious product, The kind you can look at and touch and really appreciate how fantastic it was made. So yes I prolonged my joy of these two NARS Christopher kane products :)

NARS Christopher Kane

NARS teamed up with British fashion designer Christopher Kane to bring out this beautiful Limited edition 2015 summer collection. The Collection is Neoneutral , said to be unexpectedly bold and shockingly neutral. Christopher Kane says “I Often use Neon’s as Neutrals, they refresh and inspire” , That being the Idea behind the collection.

photo :

NARS Christopher Kane 2015

I received two items from the collection. The NARS Christopher Kane Blush in “Silent Nude” , And the Illuminating Multiple in “Violet atom”. My First impressions of these items was the the packaging is amazingly stunning, The classic black NARS packaging with bold shocking Pink writing. The packaging also has a velvet smooth feel to it making it even more desirable. We don’t get NARS in South Africa so you have to half jump through a hoop and do a trick, or pay a fortune to get your hands on some. So you can imagine how happy I am to have these :)

NARS Silent Nude Blush

When I first opened the Silent Nude blush I thought “goodness this is such a nude shade, what on earth am I gonna do with it” , well looks can be deceiving as the color transforms when applied to skin and leaves cheeks with a natural peachy/nude radiant glow, you can really pair this perfectly for a flawless natural look. The color is highly concentrated and only takes a light application to see its effect on skin.

NARS Illuminator Multiple

The NARS Christopher Kane  Illuminator Multiple is such a handy little highlighter :) and with contouring and highlighting being so in at the moment, This is the perfect item to own!! It has a light silvery violet color to it , so beautiful and shimmery. The light reflection that it gives off is almost rainbow colored. If you hold it to the light and turn it you can see It reflect magically in different colors. It is totally stunning! This is perfect to highlight cheek bones or brow and literally leaves skin glowing! Can also be used on eyes and lips. I paired it beautifully with the silent nude blush for a natural and slightly contoured look. The product its self has an unbelievably satin soft texture, its gorgeous!!

NARS Christopher Kane swatches

These two products are really versatile, You can do so much with them once you start playing around with looks. I Love how soft the products are on skin, silky to touch! Plus like I said before, The packaging is to die for beautiful and would make a fabulous addition to anyone’s collection. I swatched the items so you can see, or tho the Silent Nude shows up better on my facial skin. Here below are also pics of a nice neutral look I did with them. The Illuminator is great for highlighting the brown,corner of eyes and cheek bone areas. I used the silent nude blush on the bottom area of my cheek bones and dusted the sides of my nose for some depth.


A Big Thanx To Dave for the Amazing Gift! Go follow him on twitter @davelackie

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  1. Love Dave! And these products are gorgeous :)

  2. sandy pienaar says:

    Looks amazing! How lucky you are to have such a great friend that can send you such stunning products! I love the way you write Mel! You’re so good at what you do!!

  3. Gorgeous post and the highlighter looks beautiful on you xx

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