Need last minute Christmas gift ideas? Here is Takealot’s top selling Toys & Tech

I am gonna be honest here, I am that mom that has done no Christmas shopping at all yet. I am so broke as a joke at the moment and I always end up making a plan right before Christmas. I am also not one for the mall during the holidays because it is just too crazy and busy, It is also a pain in the ass to walk from shop to shop trying to find things so all my shopping will most likely be online.

I went through Takealot’s list of their top selling toys and tech and here are a few that I know my kids  will love!

Playstation 4 & it’s cool accessories 

I want to say this is for the kids but that would be a lie. This one is more for mama, or tho the kids also LOVE it! If you have been toying with the idea of getting a PS4 or upgrading from PS3 to PS4, then here is why I think you should.

playstation 4

Buy the 1tb.. not the 500gb…

Last week we received our PS4 and I had to pull myself away from it to write this post because apparently I have an addiction. Takealot has the PS4 1tb on the top selling list, and or tho the 500gb seems cheaper and you think that 500gb will be enough.. do not do it! Get the 1tb! I have had my console for a week and already this morning I got a “your drive is too full” message. Spend the bit extra and get the 1tb console.

I have a 4/almost 5 year old who just wants to play games,but the trick has been finding a game that she can actually sit and play without me assisting her, the goal is to keep the kids busy a bit so I can chill, I can not do that if she is calling me every minute for help with the game.. so here is my little list of what games to buy for young children….

  1. Crash Bandicoot (hours of fun for me and the kids)
  2. Little Big Planet 3 (The first bit is a bit tricky but the get into it)
  3. Ratchet & Clank (I love this one too and so does my husband!)


A huge plus with the Playstation console is that you can use it to watch Netflix!! We canceled our DSTV long ago and switched to uncapped wifi with a Netflix account. The PS4 console is fabulous for watching Netflix on and it is then easy to switch from gaming to series and movies on one console. My kids love the wide variety of kids programs available on the netflix.

Accessories! we want accessories …..

The console comes standard with 1 controller so you will be needing another one or even two of them. The controls are available in different colors so you can match the color of the console or get your own color to make sure no one else plays with your control. There is also the Nacon revolution Pro Controller if you want to mix things up a bit or if you are serious about your gaming, I LOVE it especially for playing Crash Bandicoot because it has the best 8 way directional pad for controlling your direction and it delivers a fast response! It is however a wired control, with a 3m wire so you have enough length, but if you do not like having a wire around then maybe skip it.

There is also the  DUALSHOCK 4 Charging Station.The official Charging Station can charge up to two DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controllers at the same time without having to connect them to the PS4 system. Charge your DUALSHOCK 4 by simply inserting the controller to the charging connector on the charging station and by plugging it into a household electrical outlet. Super handy!

ps4 Pro controller

AND on my dream wish list!!!!!! Is the Sony Playstation VR + Camera!!!!! This is what mama wants for Christmas (Dear santa… Please)…….Quoted from Takealot “See life through a new lens and explore amazing worlds in ways you never thought possible with PlayStationVR, the new virtual reality system for PlayStation4
PlayStation has always delivered innovative experiences, pushing the boundaries of imaginative play. This heritage takes a giant leap forward with PS VR, the next home of revolutionary and immersive gameplay experiences
Become the hero as you get transported inside incredible new gaming worlds and live out some of your most epic fantasies, with state-of-the-art-technology that gives you a unique and deeply engaging sense of presence.

Next up..


My dearest daughter Zoe absolutely loves Hatchimals! I just know she would be beyond happy to receive one for Christmas. This is a great gift for any little kid! The feeling of excitement and surprise as they wait to see what hatches out of their egg! The New Hatchimal has the surprise of twins!!!! So I know that will definitely be a huge hit for her. The egg takes about 8 minutes to hatch and then afterwards the “babies” each have different personalities and features. The egg makes sounds during hatching and the Hatchimal’s can talk and move! It is really a very cool interactive toy for young kids to promote imagination!

south african parenting blogger

hatchimals south africa

All of the above mentioned items can be found on and here is a little list of other Items they recommend..

 Toys to spoil them (over R500)

                                               • Jeronimo Roadster – R2,449 • Caterpillar Massive Machine – R1,609 • Hatchimals Twins Purple Egg – R1,299
• Hatchimals Surprise Pink Egg – R1,299
• Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike Series Alphahawk – R655

christmas gift ideas

Toys on a budget (under R500)

• Barbie Dolphin Magic Snorkel Fun Friends – R385
• Paw Patrol Electronic Pup Pad – R485
• LEGO Clocks And Watches Boys LEGO Star Wars – R315
• LEGO Classic Creative Supplement Bright – R265
• Paw Patrol Large Plush – R199
• PJ Masks Light Up Figures – R179

paw patrol toys south africa

Top Tech Buys for 2017:

● Fifa 18 – R979
● Call of Duty: World War 2 – R975
● Xbox One S 500GB – R3,999
● PS4 Slim 1TB – R5,999

xbox for sale







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