Need a Microwave upgrade? Take a look at the new LG NeoChef

After a few weeks of testing, I am finally ready to tell you what I think of the LG NeoChef microwave. I have to be honest, when it arrived, I was skeptical that it would do all the things they say it can do, after all, it is only a microwave! Or is it?..

Now before I get into raving about how cool I think it is, let us take a look at a few features and nifty things that LG says the Neo Chef can do.

LG neochef

LG NeoChef

  • LG’s unique Smart Inverter = Thanx to the Smart Inverter, this microwave can cook just about anything!  It uses linear power control between 300 to 1,200 watts to evenly cook or defrost food, while at the same time preserving nutrients and locking in flavor.
  • Tempered glass front and attractive looks = refined matte exterior and is ergonomically designed with a rounded pocket-style handle and diamond cut dial weds form function to not only deliver the ultimate in precision and user-convenience, but to seamlessly blend in with the decor of any kitchen.
  • Anti-Bacterial EasyClean= This cool feature is the Anti-Bacterial Coating that makes it harder for dangerous contaminants to take root, eliminating 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria.
  • Energy efficient interior LED lamp= Making it easier to see your food while its cooking! This baby is three times brighter than conventional models!

This is an impressive list of features! It also promises to be able to make yogurt, grill foods, make toast, roast a chicken and even bake! Want to know what I think of it and if it lived up to the promise? Read on and watch my quick little exciting video below!

Does it actually work?! Putting the LG NeoChef to the test!

Now I do not actually want to tell you too much about what I have been cooking in it as this will spoil my next post on  what to cook in your NeoChef, but here is a run through of what I did to test this baby out!

Firstly, I really love the look of it! It is sleek and modern with its flat tempered glass front and I love that it doesn’t have a door handle that sticks out, even the round dial can be pushed in to add to the sleekness. The sounds it makes are super fun and refreshing, the first few days were super fun with me getting excited every time the microwave chimes its tune to say the food is ready! This is so much better than the usual beep beep tone of our old microwave which I found so annoying.

Yes its pretty… but does it cook?!


It does a pretty freaking amazing job at cooking, it took me a few days of playing around with it to get the hang of how to set things and choose the correct mode of power setting. Once I got into it, there was no stopping me! Here is a list of things I have made so far..

  • Roast chicken
  • Grilled cheese on toast
  • White sauce and pasta
  • Roast vegtables
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Potato bake with a cheese topping grilled to perfecting
  • And my favorite one… CUPCAKES! perfect ones too.

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Out with the old.. In with the new!

Problems that we had with our old microwave included things like chewy rubbery food that is over cooked and tasteless, soggy breads and shriveled up vegetables. Over steamed up two minute noodles that end up just boiling over to a microwave full of water and noodles that did not actually even cook! The old microwave had power, but it did not use it properly to cook the different foods.

With the NeoChef, you are in control of the power and the settings! Gone are the days of tasteless food! Welcome the days of tender steak and crispy garlic bread in just minutes!

Time, what about the cooking time?!

Fast paced lives we live! So why should are time in the kitchen not match this. With the NeoChef, you can prepare meals in minutes! We baked cupcakes in 8 minutes! Heating up left over food used to take at least 2 minutes and now it is done in less that 1 minute! The smart technology in this attractive kitchen appliance has really cut down on the heating and cooking time!

Overall we are very impressed with the NeoChef! Ill be back soon with another post on what you can cook in it and a video to show you all the little features and sounds it makes!


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    This sounds amazing I’m in desperate need of a new microwave, we have to cook two minute noodles for 5 mins before they done haha anyways thanks for the good review sound really great!!!

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