Neutrogena spot proofing range {Giveaway}

A while ago I got sent the new Neutrogena spot proofing range. I have been using it over the last few months but the face washes soon became a firm favorite of mine and once I had used up every last drop, I thought I must tell you about the range because I don’t often finish a product unless it is very good.

I do believe in investing in a good skincare range but every now and then I find an affordable one that just hits the right spot. My skin hasn’t felt so tingly clean in a long time as it did with the wash and scrub from this range.

Neutrogena face wash


The oil-free moisturizer is amazing light weight and non sticking on skin and who doesn’t want a range that works with your skin to help clear spots and prevent future breakouts. I have never really struggled with breakouts but I do get a few spots a month and some blackheads. Since using the Spot proofing range, I haven’t had any spots or breakouts and I doubt its a coincidence.

What makes this range different to others?

Most other spot cleansers contain surfactants , ingredients that excel at foaming up and whisking away oil and impurities. These little molecules also have an unfortunate tendency to clump together into clusters which are small enough to penetrate and inflict damage on the skin barrier, the integral layer of lipids that’s so vital to keeping skin healthy and hydrated.

The Neutrogena patented BarrierCare technology (present in the wash and scrub) enables the cleansing agents to instead attach themselves to naturally-derived polymers that are too large to damage or overstrip the skin, allowing them to create a mild lather which effectively cleanses and
helps preserve the skin’s natural defenses.

Neutrogena spot proofing range

This fabulous and affordable range consists of five products.

  1. The 2in1 wash mask that is a thick white mask, I love rubbing in on while I have a long hot bath and rinse it off for tingly clean skin.
  2. The smoothing scrub that leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and clean. I mean this feeling of clean smooth skin is so enjoyable and is one of the things I enjoyed most about this range.
  3. The daily wash that is good for basic daily washes and also does a great job with removing makeup.
  4. Purifying toner that can be used twice a day on a cotton ball to remove impurities and dirt and help defend against breakouts.
  5. The wonderful Oil-Free moisturizer that leaves skin feeling soft and supple with enough moisture for the day.



Now Neutrogena South Africa has been kind enough to sponsor a hamper of the full spot proofing range for one lucky follower!

I am Gonna make entering easy this time, head over to my Instagram page to comment on the Giveaway post for an entry! Easy as pie…  Click HERE to go to my Instagram @pretty_messy_mellon

Good Luck!

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  1. Bernice says:

    This sounds like something I should try. Been strugling with breakouts or spots as of late. Will look into it

  2. Soraya says:

    I have to try this range and sort my skin out

  3. Alvina Pillay says:

    Wow I love this range

  4. Waydee says:

    These PRODUCTS SOUNDS like MAGIC IN A TUBE..I NEEED THIS from the time iv joined the gym im getting pimples .. iv onlyy heard great reviews on Neutrogena products.. ty for the GREAT in DEPTH review..

  5. Brenda Fernandes says:

    Yes yes yes me me me :)

  6. Rumbarani Naidoo says:

    What a great giveaway and hope to be a lucky winner!!

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