New Year… New Decor update! Top 5 picks from Superbalist

There is no better way to bring in the new year than new decor items for your home. I am a firm believer that changing a few small items in your living space can instantly help update the look and vibe! I am very much still in the light, airy summer mood so my picks definitely reflect that. I tried to have 5 top picks but lets be honest, it is a little hard to choose so I paired up some items that just had to go together.

Here are my top choices from Superbalist

living room picks

#1 Tangier honeysuckle scatter cushions & Block Fleece blanket

The space in my house that I love to update the most is the couch area, this is where we spend most of our time hanging out and also where we sit and have drinks when friends come over so it is a rather important space. We also have an open plan kitchen and living area so adding new items to the couch area instantly peps up the whole open plan space. My favorite items to do this with are scatter cushions and throws! Scatter cushions do not get enough credit in life, they are the best at adding color to a space and instantly re defining and decorating the mood in a room. I love the Tangier ones combined with the block fleece blanket for a pop of color and the cushions remind me a little of watermelons.

kitchen decor items

#2 Large Peg Board

Oh how much I love this peg board! I have been trying for ages to find a pretty way to display beautiful kitchen items so that they are on hand for use but at the same time do not look like a cluttered mess. I am very OCD about my spaces being clean and everything being in its place and this peg board is just answering my prayers. Can you just imagine all my beautiful colorful Le Creuset plates and cups being neatly displayed on this board. Perfection!

beautiful rugs

#5 Checkmate duvet cover & Floral patchwork vintage rug

We have recently done some renovations on our house and we re did our bedroom to be more open and airy, we also took out all the carpets and put in stunning solid wood floors with a light white stain. I have a thing with wooden floors needing a nice rug to complete the cozy feeling of the space so this stunning floral vintage rug will work perfectly in my room. To add color and summer vibrance to my bedroom, I have chosen the Checkmate duvet cover. I love a duvet cover with a nice pattern and color to add life to the bedroom, keep the rest of the room white and clean and have the duvet cover be the main color attraction in the space. This way you can change the mood and feel of your room by just changing the color of the duvet cover.

makeup storage options

#4 Storage tower

This storage tower from the Desks and Tables section is going in my bedroom, I NEED it to organise and put all my makeup in. I loved having all my makeup on display but this year I am really trying to go for a clean minimal look to things so that means packing things away in drawers and keeping desks and surfaces open and clutter free. This stunning storage tower is absolutely perfect to go with my wooden floors and keep the space clean.

buddy hooks

#5 Buddy Hooks

Lets just take a moment to appreciate how cute these hooks are! I have been searching everywhere for cute hooks to go in my bathroom and I found nothing but ugly ones that were over priced. These are too cool and in my opinion a serious bargain for the price. I need these for the bathroom to hang towels and robes on. They are perfect to add a cute element to the bathroom and useful all at the same time.

Well that is it for my top decor picks to instantly update your homes look for the new year. Head over to Superbalist to check out these and other amazing items to add to your living space.

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