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Oreo’s WIN a family trip to New York competition.

Have you heard that Oreo celebrated it’s 104th Birthday the other day! For this Oreo has launched the Open Up with Oreo campaign that is running a major competition where you can WIN one of 3 family trips to New York worth R200 000 each!! So here I am spreading the news to make sure that each and every one of my followers goes out to go grab a box of Oreo and enter this fabulous competition!! If you do this and you win then please let me know cause I would be so happy for you, In fact I hope one of my readers wins this!

Oreo Let wonder out

It is basically just sunshine and rainbows with Oreo at the moment, Entering is easy, all you have to do is buy a box of Oreo (176g or 429g) and SMS the last five digits of your barcode to 40185. You can also enter online at (SMS rates and Ts & Cs apply.)


Now If you are like me you are probably digging through the bin to find the empty Oreo box you secretly ate while hiding in the cupboard so the kids didn’t see you! And yes I know I am not the only one that does that! I always say that if you do not enter then you do not have a chance, I love a good competition and the suspense of waiting to see if you won! When people tell me I am lucky its not entirely true, It is simply because I took the time to enter while everyone else was saying they do not stand a chance. PS: while you are out buying your stash, remember there is a new Chocolate creme flavor!

Open up with Oreo
The other day for the first time we introduced our 3 year old daughter to the whole twist, lick and dunk the Oreo in milk routine, It was a complete winner of a moment as she was so amazed at how fun and delicious it is (she has been asking me for a glass of milk ever since hehe). If showing her how to do that brought her that much wonder, then imagine what a trip to New York and being able to show her the city would be like!! Amazing that’s what!

We love Oreo! We also have a serious do not eat my cookies face!

So go enter! You really never know, Imagine being able to see New York with your family! That would truly make for wonder filled moments! The Open Up with Oreo campaign celebrates the kid inside of us all and inspiring moments of openness and curiosity, It inspires to let people open up their hearts to others. So while you are busy hoping to win this, remember to share a cookie with someone random and create a moment of wonder!

win a trip to new york with oreo

I am just spreading the news here, this competition is in no way run or associated with my blog. But I am like 5 boxes of Oreo’s ahead of you so you better get entering! :)


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  1. Ooh off to buy some Oreo’s! I’ve always wanted to go to NYC!
    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

    1. Melissa says:

      It would be so amazing to go to NYC! and be able to take family with.

  2. Marinella Richichi says:

    What stores are participating?

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