Paddle Brush Hair Brush Review!

I am currently so spoilt when it comes to Hair Brushes, I have a good few options to choose from when brushing my hair. The one thing I have discovered through all of this is that I am a paddle brush kinda girl!! It is so simple and nice  and cause I like my hair straight then it works fantastic with the Blow drying as it covers a larger surface than a round brush would and i find cause my hair is then spread out wider and thinner it then dries faster and better. Or at least that’s how I prefer it, I have argued with friends over this lol and we haven’t agreed…

ghd Paddle brush
ghd paddle brush

Iv got two new Paddle brushes iv been playing with so im in brush heaven, The GHD one and A Elchim one.They are both absolutely fantastic, I actually if asked to choose between the two wouldn’t be able to make a choice! They are both great quality and do a fantastic job at brushing without damaging my hair. A paddle brush is better for my long thick hair as it just has a fantastic ability to take out knots and leave it looking smooth and sleek, if I use another kinda brush then after iv brushed I half feel like I still need to brush my hair, like I just need that proper deep take the knots out effect that a great paddle brush gives me.

The GHD Brush I would say is a bit prettier, its got a better shape to it and the shiny little GHD name on the bottom of the handle is nice! The packaging is also prettier so it looks fancy. The Elchim brush is kinda the same look but its more square and has the Name printed pretty on the handle, it is however Lighter and holds better than the GHD brush and i do feel like when it comes to blow drying that it worked slightly better than the GHD one and is more aimed at usefulness than prettiness in my mind.

Elchim Paddle brush
Elchim and ghd paddle brush

I am happy to have both Cause they are different and both good in their own way! The GHD brush sells for about R270 and the Elchim one around R300.  I honestly can say that it is totally worth investing in a proper brush, both of these are a great choice, It prevents too much hair damage and makes styling easier. I cant remember the last time that i used a “cheapy” brush but i just don’t want to, its just not the same. I sound fussy now but i totally am when it comes to my hair. I have so many times used a friends brush or a comb or something when i forgot mine and i can feel the difference!  Maybe I am just spoilt but its hard once you have had a fancy ass proper brush to go back to a normal brush. And why would you now go and pay like R100 for a normal brush, then you may as well be paying the R250 ish for a good quality one of these and keep it for years. I got my First GHD brush about 10 years ago and i still have it!! Ok it looks a bit bad but its totally still in one piece and does its job. Quality is the best choice, Hair is like an investment and what I brush mine with is very important :)

Thanx to The Test Box  For these amazing brushes!! I buy all my Hair care items From The Test Box Cause the service is just awesome and fun and I prefer online shopping cause its cheaper (or at least I find) and I am too lazy to go to the mall hehe ;)

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GHD paddle brush

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