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Panasonic Wet and Dry Epilator

The New Panasonic wet and dry Epilator has fast become my new go to for hair removal. I have been testing it out for two weeks now and I am falling more and more in love with it. Now I have to mention that first the little gadget actually scared me lol and it was painful at first but after a few good attempts and a glass of wine, now that I have the hang of it, it has turned out to be a blessing! I was lucky enough to receive it from Beauty Bulletin to review, you can also go sign up to the Beauty Bulletin site and stand a chance to review items for free!

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With summer here it is now time to keep up with all the shaving and looking like a well groomed person on the beach, Bikini season means shaving all the little hairs to avoid the embarrassment of being caught with hairy arm pits. This is such a handy little thing and the fact that you can use it in the bath or shower makes it even better! Would be better for first time users to try it out in the bath first cause the hot water does heat up the skin and make it easier for the hairs to come out and using it with some shower gel for foam makes sure that your skin is left smoother and less dry.

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The Panasonic wet and dry Epilator is cordless and rechargeable and has a nice compact size that fits perfect in the palm of your hand making it super easy to use. You can even throw this baby into your hand bag and take it with you to make sure you don’t get stuck in a situation with hairy legs, Like those unplanned summer trips to the beach! This is also serious value for money in regards to once you have purchased it then you have it. It is not like waxing or shaving that you constantly have to buy new products or pay to have it done and because it is rechargeable you do not even have to buy batteries. So you know I am gonna be looking after mine so we have a nice long run together :)  Another Bonus of it is that it wont interfere with your spray tan like shaving does! meaning you can remove hairs without it taking your tan off.


The Panasonic Epilator works with 24 little tweezers that rotate super fast and pluck out the hair from its root. It has the power to remove even the shortest fine hairs and results in hair growing back slower, thinner/softer and less hair growing back so your second use is much easier. it is recommended to Epilate once a week but with regular use hairs should grow back slower and then you can move to using it less regular or as needed for touch ups.

Epilator Hair Removal.jpg

The Epilator comes with a charger and a little cleaning comb and retails for R599. If you are looking for Christmas presents then this would be great for yourself as well as for your friends, really an item that will be well used.


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