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SOFTEST massive Muslin Cloths from Parental Instinct

You know when you buy a baby item or blanket and it says it is really soft but then it actually really is not. Well these 100% Bamboo muslin cloths from Parental Instinct are just about THE SOFTEST thing I have ever felt! OMG I am in love with them. I have tested out loads of baby related items for little Violet and the muslin cloths I had been using are hard and rough compared to these. Trust me you will want these.


I wish there was a way that you could feel the softness through the computer screen because then I know you will be running out to buy yourself some as well. We got gifted a pack of three and really they are all that I need for baby as far as cloths/blankets are concerned. I come right with the three of them, rotating them in the wash but obviously I want more of them because they are so handy.

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Parental Instinct Muslin Cloths

Here are things I love about them:

  1. They are made out of Bamboo and really feel soft like satin or silk and this is fabulous for baby’s skin.
  2. They are large in size! Like super big, not the tiny average muslin cloth size and this means you can use them for more.
  3. They keep baby warm and are breathable so no sweaty baby and over heating, this will be perfect for the summer and warmer months or tho I have been using them in the cold and then I just add another blanky over if it is not warm enough.
  4. The uses are endless because you can use them as a blanket, a tight swaddle blanket, a cloth to clean up milk spit up, a cover for the pram or car seat to keep the sun out. They have replaced all my other cloths and blankets and it results in a lot less clutter and washing. I have even used them as a scarf for myself they are so luxurious!


If there is any baby item that I can recommend you buy then It would be these. If you do not have a baby then buy it for a friend or as a baby shower gift. You can purchase them HERE on the Parental Instinct website. The are R549 for the pack of three.

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