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Parenting Problems- threatening my daughter.

Something Different on the blog today… Parenting Problems

The heading here sounds a bit harsh considering I have a three year old. But you will get what I am saying, everyone does this but I somehow feel like my daily routine is one little threat after the other and its getting a bit hectic. All fine and given it is not an all day thing as Zoe does go to play school till 3pm but when 3pm hits and I go to fetch her its another story….


Fetching Zoe from school starts out calm and pleasant, I have had time to refresh myself, drink coffee and reach a stage of the day where I am not half asleep and feeling dead. when I walk into the school its all fantastic, she’s playing nicely and smiling and is the worlds most well behaved child. As soon as I walk out of that schools front gate it is like she senses that she has me all alone. Cry and nag at mommy mode begins and parenting problems hit full swing. It starts immediately with resistance to properly be strapped in the car. NOW here is where the threatening starts, usually I start with like a “Lets hurry up and go home so we can eat something yummy”, This is me hoping she will fall for it and then by the time we get home forget that I promised her a yummy. When we get home its the same issue getting out the car….

This goes on through out the afternoon unless of course she is distracted by something she find entertaining and gives me the day off. I am pretty sure it has become a little game for her and she half enjoys torturing me. The hours between 3pm and 7pm when my husband gets home can feel like days at the mercy of my toddler. Getting her to eat her food involves threatening to take away a toy or what ever she is busy with, threatening to put the Ipad in the cupboard, threatening no more yummy treats for the rest of like forever!!!

Toddler tantrums.jpg

This I am sure like every other little toddler tantrum stage in parenting problems will pass, but last night after an hour and a half of bed time battles I decided enough is enough. Being pregnant and exhausted at night and trying to talk Zoe into going to bed all ended up a bit much for me last night and lets just say I was the one crying in the end. Today I am going to try things differently… there will be no threats today. I will remain calm and just sit quietly while I wait for Zoe to eventually agree to do what I need her to do. It is easy to get into a day to day routine of bribing my toddler to do what I need her to do and often this bad routine isn’t noticed before it is too late, which is the case with me at the moment. This is also just a mommy and Zoe issue, she is fine with everyone else but obviously has mom wrapped a bit to much around her little finger!

Now I am assuming I am not the only over tired mommy with this problem? ..



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  1. Ahhh the joys! :) You are doing a fantastic job! Sending good vibes your way

  2. My son is 19 months old (with the terrible two’s already present). I too have noticed that he tries his luck with me more than with anyone else. At school he’s usually the busy one, playing, running around etc. But when we get home it can sometimes be a battle to get anything done. I must admit that I don’t bribe him (yet), mainly because he hardly understands when I explain to him why I need him to cooperate. LOL. My mother actually came into the bedroom and said ‘you know he has no idea what you’re trying to explain right?’. I think they all go through this phase – we as parents just need to try and patient. Sometimes just sit back and watch instead of screaming / pleading / bargaining with them. I’ve found that when I just ‘ignore’ the tantrums etc., he usually quiets down and moves on to the next thing :) Good luck – I know how exhausting pregnancy can be

    1. I am also finding it better to sit and watch and stay calm. She soon mobes on or starts listening.

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