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Pregnancy Education week

Bio-Oil is in support of Pregnancy Education week that runs from 13 to 21 February, The aim of this is to highlight how childbirth education enables you to make informed choices about your pregnancy and what is best for you and your baby. I find this especially important for first time moms because I remember feeling half lost in the world of pregnancy and not always being sure about choices that needed to be made. I think we can all agree that spreading awareness and correct information about pregnancy would do the world a whole lot of good! I will be posting a bit about pregnancy awareness week and also there is a stunning Bio-Oil Giveaway coming up (*hint *hint the lovely gift I received the other day )

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I am now currently 13 weeks pregnant with my second child and I am still learning things about pregnancy and child birth that I never knew. The theme of this years pregnancy education week is “Date and way of birth – what would baby choose” , This is an important topic for me because I have to again make these decisions and for a long time thought after my c-section I would be forced to have another but have recently learnt a lot about safely having a vaginal birth after a c-section.

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Bio-Oil has teamed up with childbirth educators and hospitals around the country to create awareness and to offer various talks and pregnancy-related activities.

You can find all the information on pregnancy awareness week and Childbirth Educators and events in your area on: Or Visit their Facebook Page Expectant Mothers Guide

You can also visit during pregnancy education week for expert pregnancy and skincare advice.

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  1. MarleneTarr says:

    Don’t get too attached too your lavish locks. My good hair day run ended with the birth of my 1st born. The normal daily hair loss that was suppressed during pregnancy picked up and came back with vengeance. So keep on drinking the post-pregnancy vitamins.
    I’m now pregnant with my 2nd and the Second Trimester Ultrasound blew my mind away again. The technology these days are amazing. The ultrasound is a great way to see how baby is developing and it offers reassurance that everything is going exactly the way it should.

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