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Healthy Glowing Pregnancy skin with Mama Mio skincare.

Taking Care of your skin with Mio

I have been trying out two very awesome products from Mio & Mama Mio skincare. I have used them for the entire month of June and I think I have a really good Idea on what I think of them. They are Awesome!!

I tested the Mama Mio Gorgeous Glow balancing face wash that is specially formulated for use during pregnancy. I also got to try out the Mio Skincare QuickStart exhilarating shower gel and oh my it is refreshing.

Mama Mio skincare face wash

Why use Mama Mio Pregnancy specific skincare?

I never even thought of using a skincare product that was specifically designed for skin during pregnancy. After Receiving the Mama Mio Gorgeous Glow face wash and reading up a bit about it then it all dawned on me! Of Course I needed a face wash to go with my skin concerns specific to pregnancy. During pregnancy your skin, like everything else, is also effected and changed by all the over flowing hormones. Your skin during pregnancy changes and can be effected in many ways such as

  1. Pigmentation spots
  2. Overly oily
  3. brake outs and unexplained achne
  4. extra sensitivity and irritation

These are just a few. The Mama Mio face wash is formulated to deep cleanse,balance and fight blemishes so that your facial skin can reflect a healthy pregnancy glow. It also does not contain any harmful ingredients and is sulfate free. You can totally relax and know that this product is gentle on skin, adds moisture with Omega oils and has natural antibacterials with pre & probiotics to balance the skin! It also smells amazing, I think it smells like fresh cut lavender.

Mama mio skincare

I wish I had used it earlier because I actually did get dark areas of pigmentation that just look like darker skin patches on my face, on my forehead and cheeks just next to my nose. I also suffered from break outs on my jaw line and annoying spots on my cheeks. This all stopped once I started using this product and I have had no break outs since. My pigmentation is kinda still visible but It luckily has not spread any further and does appear to be lighter. So I can say that this product is definitely worth investing it! I recon if you use it nicely you can get almost 2 months out of the 1ooml bottle.

Mio QuickStart Shower Gel

The second product I tried out is the Mio Skincare Quickstart Shower Gel, it comes in a vibrant 200ml tube and has a uplifting spearmint scent that really does give you a refreshing boost, It is so refreshing that it leaves your skin feeling tingly cool from the spearmint. Mio skincare is formulated to keep your skin healthy and fit. It contains coconut derived cleansers and is infused with spearmint essential oils and guarana caffeine to give you a natural fresh boost that is healthy for your skin plus it is packed with antioxidants.

Mio Skincare South Africa

My opinion of the product is it is good value for money if you are looking for a product that actually is good for the health of your skin while it makes you feel refreshed and happy. Yes it is pricey compared to your average shower gel but your average shower gel just cleanses with soapy ingredients and does nothing good for your skin. I needed the extra moisture and food for my skin this pregnancy, it helps a long way with the stretch marks!

South African beauty blogger

So If you are looking for a wonderful skincare range that does your skin a whole lot of good while at the same time making you feel pampered then check out the Mio Skincare, Or if you are pregnant and want to feel spoilt then Mama Mio is definitely for you.

For more information on these product ranges you can check out the Mio Skincare SA Facebook page HERE. Or go to the Poise Brands website HERE.

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