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Pregnancy weight gain-Feeling Fat

Pregnancy weight gain has started and So my baby is growing and unfortunately so am I. My last pregnancy I was not particularly fit and I didn’t have a healthy eating routine, I have since in the last three years taken up jogging and become fit, I have adjusted my eating to cut out sugar and refined carbs and worked hard on becoming sexy again. This Pregnancy was wanted, It was badly needed and wanted and planned for so very long that It is now a miracle that it happened after my struggles. When I started this pregnancy I vowed to continue with my healthy eating and fitness as far as I could as to not just pack on a seriously large amount of unneeded fat like I did the last time. I find it is not about what I look like or how big I am but rather more about how comfortable I feel in my own skin and at the moment it is not very comfortable at all.

Pregnancy Emotions

Now before I carry on let me just say that it is in no way healthy to “diet” during pregnancy and it is not good to worry about staying skinny because that just isn’t going to happen anyways because pregnancy weight gain is unavoidable, this post is aimed at the self esteem and uncomfortable feelings pregnancy can bring on. My goals are more aimed at only putting on what I need and not falling for that mind trap that tells you to eat everything in site while being pregnant. Its a big myth that you have to eat for two during pregnancy and baby in the beginning only really requires about 300 extra calories a day from the second trimester.

All I have dreamed of is a pregnancy where I feel fit and healthy and confident with myself, If you have been pregnant before you will know that when you hit that second trimester and start feeling “puffy” all over , it is then difficult to not feel uncomfortable especially when your clothes do not fit anymore. So with my healthy eating plan and all that… Where did I some how go wrong in the last few weeks?

pregnancy and weight gain
Pregnancy weight gain

I started out well with my continued fitness routine and my eating was super healthy but as soon as the “I am dead tired” pregnant feeling kicked in I started eating more bread and junk food in search of energy and then one unhealthy week morphed into six and here I am a good few Kg heavier and feeling like I lost myself somewhere along the lines. Mostly not the weight that is bothering me but more the fact that I lost control of my routine and fitness I have spent the last few years building. It can be a big emotional adjustment to learn to not look at the numbers on the scale.

It is so important to remember to love your self no matter what you look like, Or tho it is hard to deal with feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Here are a few tips to help you take back control of your routine if you find your self lost as I am, And with it bring back your confidence during pregnancy!!

  • Make A food diary… Keep a diary of your daily eating, write down everything you eat and then you can review it and make changes for more healthier choices. Often seeing what you have written down then puts it into perspective.
  • Research Food options or ask your Dr or Midwife which food groups are a healthier choice during pregnancy so that you are getting correct nutrients while not making bad eating choices.
  •  Exercise! This is an important one. keep moving, If you are already a runner then keep running or If you are not then take up going for fast walks and do toning exercises such as leg lifts and squats, there will keep you toned and prevent feeling puffy. It is so healthy to stay fit while pregnant and even helps prepare for labour.
  • Drink Water!!! Staying hydrated helps in so many ways and is also essential for baby! Drinking enough water prevents constipation (one of the main causes of feeling uncomfortable)  and also helps flush out impurities in your system so less puffyness!!
  • Dress up pretty!!! Make use of maternity wear that is tight fitting to show off your sexy new curves but at the same time is designed for comfort. Take time to do your makeup and spray on some perfume, It does wonders for self esteem!
17 Weeks Pregnant.jpg
17 Weeks pregnant

I would love to hear about how you felt when you were pregnant or how you are feeling now if you are currently pregnant and dealing with pregnancy weight gain emotions. I am now 17 weeks, I will be posting pregnancy updates and my feelings and progress as I go along so if this interests you then follow me on social media and on the Blog.

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  1. Nickhi says:

    My pregnancy was a joy… I never got morning sickness, neve felt dizzy / nausea. I ate when I was hungry and I went ahead with my cravings. I never felt ‘uncomfortable in my own skin’. I waited 2 years to fall pregnant and I’ve wanted to be a mom since I could remember. In all honesty, my pregnancy was the best I’ve felt in years! The little issues I have with gland stones & low blood pressure never bothered me while pregnant – I was happy & healty. And even with all my eating habits, I only gained 13kg, 10 of which I lost the moment my son was born. I must admit though that due to Bells Palsy and being on Cortisone + me retaining water like crazy due to the gland stones, I wasn’t fit or thin when I fell pregnant.
    Pregnancy should always be a joy – never feel uncomfortable in your own skin :) Remember, tons of the weight you put on is water.

    1. My last pregnancy I put on almost 20kg, I have always struggled with weight gain and have had to learn to watch what I eat, I think adapting yo a different thought pattern for pregnancy is probably what I struggle with the most.

      1. Nickhi says:

        My age also counts against me now. LOL. Just remember that when you’re hungry / craving something, it’s usually something that your baby needs. And then there are those things that make you run for the hills (I couldn’t stand steak – not even for a minute). I know women who put on a lot more than 20kg and though it’s a long, hard road back to ‘you’, it’s all worth it :) My mom managed to crave fruits, she did everything to get me into that one – my body wanted chocolates and it wanted it NOW. Remember that pregnancy is beautiful (even when you feel bloated, fat or when, like me, you can’t walk more than 500m without cramps by the time you reach 20 weeks).

  2. Doret says:

    This is my first pregnancy and I am now 18 weeks and 2 days, today is the first time that I feel not so comfy maybe it’s because of the weather we are having in George… Just want to stay in bed but can’t because we have to work…

    1. Yes today’s weather in George just makes me want soup and bread and a cuddle bed :), I am looking forward to a winter pregnant tho cause my last was in summer and the heat was unbearable.

  3. The Blog Centre says:

    Great pregnancy tips for dealing with weight gain and emotions.
    Thanks for linking with #ShowcaseTuesday

  4. I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant. It is my first pregnancy and apparently I’m carrying small. Regardless of what people say, I think pregnancy is different for everyone and I do understand how you feel about having a fit pregnancy. I’m still training now and before I fell pregnant I was proud of my fit, toned body and my 6 pack too which is now a distant memory. I always thought that when I fell pregnant, it would be super easy to continue my healthy eating. However, when I was nauseous in the beginning, all the healthy eating went out the window. I think it’s natural to feel uncomfortable with your body when you’re so used to being one size before. I battle with what to wear and how I feel about my changing body.

    1. Melissa says:

      I also lost track in the beginning when the nausea hit! Its not easy to stick to the healthy plan when the hormones have another plan lol. But I think even if you are a little bit aware of what u are eating and try stay mostly fit then it will help in the end.

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