Room Reveal With Volpes Linen.

Today I reveal the before and after photos of my bedroom renovations as well as the new bedroom makeover pictures with the gorgeous Volpes linen!

A while ago we renovated our house a little, re did the walls and took out the terrible carpets to lay down stunning wooden floors, I am very attached to my wooden floors because my husband cut the tree and made the planks to make our floor. How’s that for impressive!

So Volpes asked me if I would like to do a post on their linen and I jumped for joy! I am already a huge Volpes fan. Volpes bedding is really the best, it lasts ages and does not wash out and fade and go all yukky. The before picture you will see bellow with the blue bedding is last year’s winter Volpes collection and I have used that duvet cover every week for over a year now and it still looks just as fabulous.

I visited the new Volpes store in George, I think everyone in George is doing a happy dance because we officially have our own Volpes store! I got a chance to look at all the stunning bedding in store and picked out a whole bunch of items to do a little bedroom makeover. The staff at the store are super friendly and very helpful and I left with a smile on my face.

Lets start with the pics of during our renovations..

Volpes south africa
So on the left is now during the renovations. and on the Right is when we had just put in the solid wood floor

Let me just tell you how HECTIC it is renovating a house while still living in it! We thought it would be a great idea to stay in the lounge side while we did the bedroom side then switch. But oh hell no, I am never doing that again lol. The dust and the smell of the wet cement was just absolutely awful. Also combined with the fact that I was about 8 months pregnant then! When Violet was born we were still sleeping with our bed in the lounge and she was born in the lounge because the room was not done yet. #Disaster

Now lets move onto a pic of what it looked like before I got the new Volpes bedding. This pic below (Also Volpes by the way because I have been a fan for a long time) is just how plain the room was.

South African Parenting blogger

Then the new Volpes store opened in George and they invited me to visit the store and pick out a few bedroom items, it was such a very hard choice for me because everything in the store was just too gorgeous and I could not make up my mind what I wanted.

I love how I bought 3 items and 2 scatter cushions, but I can mix then up to make a whole bunch of different looks! Between the Throw, duvet cover and quilt. There is a large variety of ways I can now style my room. The quilt and its pillow covers are also reversible.

SO I know you are here to look at the pretty bedding so I am just going to let pictures speak for them selves from here on… We even took the STUNNING and most cuddly throw ever!! with us for our photo shoot the other day. You can visit the Volpes online store HERE to shop or to find a local store.

Room reveal

South african blogger

Volpes linen

Can you spot the baby in above pic? lol

lifestyle blogger south africa

South African mommy blogger

South african mommy blogger

Every women needs a beautiful space to catch up on her beauty sleep….

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