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Schnooky Pie – Handmade Baby Wear

Today I feature a proudly South African baby wear brand called Schnooky Pie! Schnooky Pie is handmade in South Africa! All of their products are unique and of high quality. They do everything possible to ensure that their clothing is as proudly South African as possible. From the fabric to the graphic designer and pattern maker who are responsible for creating the amazing designs, even down to the amazing ladies who sew the garments. They try to make sure that every step in the process of the creation of the brand remains true to its core – which is to be 100% Proudly South African (Our Mission)”

Cute baby wear Schnooky Pie baby clothes

Every single one of the items on their site are stunning! They have beautiful items for boys and girls as well as items that are suitable even if you do not know the gender yet. I love going for grey or white items because they can be mixed with pink of blue and used for either.

Schnooky Pie was started and is owned by Jaclyn Holmes. Jaclyn being a mom her self wanted to do everything possible to offer her little girl the very best future, this transformed into a love for sourcing and manufacturing the cutest and most unique Proudly South African clothes she could and as such, Schnooky Pie was born!


You simply have to have a look at their range online, My Favorite Item is the grey glow in the dark baby grow!!! How cute is that! Plus All the Items are affordable and completely unique insuring your little one will be the fashion envy of all the other mom’s. I Love how the back of the babygrow has a unique feature of studs down the back and the stylish arrow print make it irresistible!

You can buy Schnooky Pie Online and conveniently have your order delivered to you so you really have no excuse to check it out! 

I will be doing a lovely product review on the glow in the dark springbok babygrow, so keep an eye out for that.

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