Sorme Treatment Cosmetics – Makeup Review

Sorme treatment cosmetics are rather new in South Africa, I have been lucky enough to try out a whole bunch of their lovely products and I have so far enjoyed them all. Sorme is a US brand that is becoming increasingly popular. They believe that glamorous makeup must also be beneficial to your skin, they are also cruelty free! So Today I will tell you about 4 of the great products I have been trying out.

Sore Treatment Cosmetics

One of the first products on the Sorme site that caught my eye is the Lip Thick plumping gloss. The gloss is said to be super plumping to lips and has ingredients that cause lips to appear fuller. The gloss stimulates natural collagen to increase lip fullness up to 40% in 30 days with regular daily use. I bought my gloss in the shade Blossom and it gives lips a great color. When you apply the gloss to lips you can feel it tingle and lips definitely do appear fuller after regular use during the day. The Product is not over sticky and has a very pleasant mint smell to it. It gets kind of addictive lol and I find myself applying it often cause it is actually rather refreshing. The Lip Thick plumping gloss sells for R249.

Sorme Super Plumping gloss

Next on my Sorme favorites list is the Sorme Under Shadow Primer. A fantastic eye shadow primer that has a creamy consistency and a nice light concealer type color. It helps hide darkness, veins, and redness and makes sure your eye shadow lasts all day long! It really does have super staying powers when it comes to making eye shadow stick! Such a handy item to own, I actually half use it as a concealer/primer around my nose area and under eye area before applying foundation. It works wonders!! It also has Hydrating botanicals, vitamins, and antioxidants that repair and protect eyes. This eye shadow primer sells for R279 for a 5g pot.

Sorme Under Shadow Primer

I have written about the Sorme Mineral Illusions Foundation before. It can be tricky ordering foundation off of an online store because getting your color right with a new foundation from a brand you have never tried before can be difficult. The Sorme site has a nice little color chart for the different shades so it makes it easier and I ordered mine in “Golden Light” which looked like the right shade for me and when it arrived it was perfect. The color is great and it blends very well, the cover is buildable so you can get a medium to high finish that is long lasting! It is a oil free foundation yet it still gives skin a beautiful moisturized glow and you do not need to over moisturize skin before applying the product cause it is nourishing and provides skin with some moisture and helps hide fine lines and large pores. This foundation sells for R459. 

Sorme Mineral Illusions Foundation

Last item I want to talk about today is the Sorme Long lasting eye shadow. This is a smooth, silky soft eyeshadow with a light slightly creamy feel. It can be used wet or dry and is very long lasting. I chose a nice soft light color called “Ice” , It is a light white/pink shimmer color and can give u a great solid color or can be blended to a lighter look. Perfect color for spring!!! The eye shadow also contains Vitamin C that helps prevent age signs while nourishing the delicate eye area. These come in a good few natural nude shades and sell for R269 each.

Sorme Long lasting eye shadow

I obviously did some swatches ;) and took pics with me wearing all of the above product so you can see what they look like when applied. These items are good quality and it is so nice to try out a new brand. Head over to the Sorme website and take a look at all the wonderful products they have , they have a full range of makeup including mascara, primers, liners, brow makeup, bronzers and more! You can also check out the Refinee skincare on the site!

Sorme Makeup Swatches

Sorme Cosmetics

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