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South African Beauty Blog Awards -Short Listed and Proud!

The South African Beauty Blog Awards popped up a while ago and my thoughts wondered to if I should or should not enter my little blog and hope to make the list. It is a bit of a nerve wrecking thing to think about going up against all the other super wonderful fantastic blogs around and I know iv only basically been around for this year. Or tho what a year it has been! After deciding to start the blog and pushing full force ahead it has turned out to thus far be a huge success, so far so great and better than i could have imagined for such a young blog.

south african beauty blog awards

I Went ahead and nominated my Blog in the Newcomer of the year category cause hay what do i have to loose anyways hehe. The Longlist release had me even more on my nerves cause that list really makes you realize how many other fantastic blogs are out there in South Africa! My poor mind has been up and down with thoughts of my Blog actually making it onto the short list for the Awards. Even just getting onto the Short list for me is a major YAY of excitement! And yesterday when the list was released… i had been sitting refreshing the page on my phone waiting in anticipation for it haha so i could either jump for joy or move on and sulk over a bottle of wine :) With Great surprise i Have made it onto the list !!!!! And with even more surprise my name is on the list twice!

I have some how made it into the top 10 for The Readers Choice Category along with 9 other Amazing blogs! I was not at all expecting to find my name in this Category so i am beyond Thrilled!

Readers Choice SA beauty blog awards

And then I Also made it into the top 10 for the Newcomer of the Year Category that i had originally nominated my blog for.

newcomer of the year beauty blog awards

The TanOrganic SA Beauty Blog Awards are aimed at recognizing the importance of blogging in the evolving digital landscape and acknowledging the skills, effort and commitment that go into creating an influential blog. The awards are aimed at recognizing not only cosmetic bloggers but also Lifestyle, Fashion and Male Grooming bloggers.

TanOrganic is proud to be the title sponsor of the 2015 Beauty Blogger Awards, from which proceeds go towards the Look Good Feel Better South Africa program. The Look Good Feel Better program is run by the cosmetic industry to help female cancer patients undergoing active treatment, in a practical and positive way by providing free two-hour beauty workshops through a network of hospitals, oncology clinics and interim homes, especially designed to assist these women to manage the appearance related side effects of chemotherapy & radiotherapy – thereby helping to restore their confidence in their appearance & self image.

headline sponsors

Goody bag sponsors



With Such amazing sponsors for the Awards, i can barely hold the excitement in! The Awards Ceremony is being held on the 22nd August at Movida in Rivonia , i am very far from there as i am based in George but i am already trying to make a plan to get there cause i definitely don’t wanna miss out on that and getting a chance to meet all the other beautiful bloggers that i interact with every day on social media!

I Have to Say a big Thank you to all My Followers, And to all the People and Brands that helped me get to where i am now! I also can not forget my fellow Beauty Bloggers, the girls that keep me company online all day and offer support when i feel like things are falling apart!  Barbie Beauty SA , Pieces in Pink, Make it Rayne and Beauty Candy Loves & At a Loss for Words  :)

I am just very excited about all of this hehe :)

Pretty Messy Mellon

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  1. Janneke says:

    My mind was blown with the long list! Didn’t know we had that many blogs over here! Holding thumbs!


  2. Hi Love. Great post!

    I have a huge favor to ask though. Please can you send me the link where you found the shortlist. I had the link for the long list, which I am called CeecesTaxi on, but I see you have the short list here, to which I am CeecesTravel (my blog name) in the Newcomer of the Year Cat. Would love to see if I made the short list for the other nomination I received.

    Thanks so much love and great post! This is all so exciting. Well done, and hugs!
    #LoveAndTravelHugs© to you!

    1. Sure hun! Here is the link, I only saw your name under the Newcomer category.!shortlist/c4mq

      1. Thanks love. Just found it. I made both cats aswell. YAY! The other one is under Best Social Media.

        I have been planning a trip to JHB I guess its on like donkey kong now. Not missing this for the world.

        YAY! Hope to meet you at the event! :-)

  3. This is quite an amazing achievement! I wasn’t successful in making the shortlist but the see my name alongside my fellow beauty friends was amazing. all the best for Saturday!
    The Glam Unicorn | Beauty Blog

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