Still going with the Viva Glam hehe Pink inspiration! a make up look and matching nails.

All in the pink spirit since Yesterdays Mac Viva Glam arrived on my desk!mac viva glam

Today i did a nice sunny bright pink and yellow eye shadow look and paired it with my viva glam and a stunning nail color ill tell you about. And gave my Mac zoom lash sample a test :)

pink yellow 1

Iv decided that for winter im gonna go with Bright colors and punch things up a bit instead of the usual grey brown nude winter look iv noticed so many go for..yes winter is dull , dark and gloomy but this does not mean i have to be! im all into bright pinks and purple and adding bits of yellow and lime green.

The products i used today are the Mac viva glam as u know, The mac zoom lash mascara that is fantastic for long ultra defined mega lashes!!! this is a great quality mascara and if you are thinking of buying from mac then i would recommend getting it.

For my eye shadow color i scratched out a good old eye shadow palette of mine that has been through so much with me and survived me toddler and is still going strong! its the Victoria jackson Range Beauty to go one and i used the yellow and actually used its blusher pink on my eyes cause i often find the blush pinks to be good shades. i applies my eye liner (Avon super extend liquid liner)  and then i started with the yellow and did the half of my lid closes to the lashes with the bright yellow and then i used the pink for the top half , i also taped a tad of yellow in the corner of my eye and under my bottom lashes. and then applied mascara as per usual.


Nails to match this look had to be as pink and punchy at the lipstick and i found the perfect nail color!!! From Tip Top Nail chic in 914 sitting pretty!! its soooo bright, glossy and perfect and makes me feel like a real lady hehe . and from my history with Tip top i know that for the low price they are one of my top top favorite quality nail brands and they have incredible lasting power that makes it days even with me washing dishes. they just work so well on my nails!!

And i am also carrying around my EOS lip balm that is pretty and pink in its Pomegranate raspberry flavor .


Keeping it Bright!!!


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