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Super easy skin clearing tips using Body shop Tea Tree products!

Iv tried so many different products and they all swear they will clear your skin with regular use but I found that most of them even made my skin brake out worse .

So I found something that actually works and I’m sticking to it!! THE BODY SHOP TEA TREE range, it’s such a simple not pricey range and the only products u need is the skin clearing facial wash and the Tea tree face mask and use these with ur usual moisturizers and serums. The wash comes in either the normal skin clearing face wash 250ml bottle that’s R90 or you can buy the foaming cleanser version that’s 150ml bottle for the same price. I do how ever find that the foaming one doesn’t last as long and gets empty fast but I bought both and once you have the foaming bottle you can refill it using the normal wash and it comes out foamed up just as great ;)

 I also use Clinique so I rotate between washing with my Clinique bar and the tea tree wash but I make sure I at least once a day use the tea tree one and when washing I rub it in nicely for about 2 minutes to make sure the tea tree wash is doing its job, it smells and feels great so you may get addicted to using it if ur a lover of clean,fresh smelling tingly washes that feel like they are actually cleaning! The wash on its own will clear your skin up in no time and keep it that way!

Once a week I use the Tea tree face mask, normally when I’m having a bath and can soak a white with it on my face and my most loved beauty secret is then taking two table spoons of brown sugar and rubbing on my face and when it mixes in with the mask it creates it’s on creamy DIY face scrub! If you need to exfoliate during the week u can add the sugar to just a drop of your normal face wash and it works like a bomb to refresh and get rid of build up and dead skin! Iv had people ask me if Iv gone for a facial but mean while all Iv done is scrub a bit with brown sugar ;)

Now for those days I wake up and find a spot or bad blackhead on my face (hate those days lol) .. But the quick fix for this is using a black head remover,I got one at woolworths for a bargain R39, it’s a little dual ended needle and loop tool that allows you to use the sharp end to brake the skin of ur spot or black head just enough to get it out and you then use the other end with the loop to press down on the spot and it should pop up easily! This is the best way of doing it as it keeps the germs on your hands away from your face! I follow this up with a small tiny bit of the Tea Tree face mask  just on the spot and it quickly dries out the spot and cleans it up so it doesn’t come back, once the little bit of mask dries you can actually leave it on the spot and cover it with make up and this helps prevent ur make up from clogging up the spot again. If it’s in the evening I dot the spot on my face with a bit of the mask and sleep with it on and the next day the problem is always solved! no more stressing about getting rid of a spot before a special occasion!

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