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Super Stylish Baby Products you must have!

So I am still pregnant, well barely! Baby is due soon and I have already been having contractions on and off so I guess it is safe to say she will make her grand appearance soon! But before the pregnancy ends and the baby loving stage starts, here is a list of oh so stylish baby items I have spotted online lately that I would totally love to have.

Super stylish baby items

First off I have to start with the Doona! I know there is a whole load of SA moms that are probably crying and thinking “Why was the Doona not available in SA Sooner!” , If you haven’t already seen it & checked it out then you HAVE TO! You can head to the Doona SA Facebook page HERE and have a look through all their content and videos. But just to sum it up it is basically a super stylish car seat that conveniently has its own wheels that fold out!! Meaning you do not have to struggle with clipping seats into strollers and juggling pram Items. The Doona Comes in a few pretty colors and sells for R6999, you can buy it off of Takelot HERE.

Doona south africa

Then there is the Nula Baby grab and go ultimate stroller organizer. This handy little item is compatible with most strollers and will make your life a million times better. Just having that close to hand storage to put your phone or wallet while strolling around in the mall is amazing! Never mind having space to stand your coffee or cool drink.  How did we get by before this handy invention? These sell for R450 and you can find out more about them and where to get it on the Nula website HERE

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Another handy item I spotted lately is the new Tommee Tippee Ultra bottles. This new bottle has an offset teat angle for a smooth milk flow and the contour zone on the teat allows for a secure seal reducing air intake and dribbles. This all translates to an easier, smoother feeding session with less crying and winds afterwards so it doesn’t mess with your mommy style. You can find out more about these and where to buy them on the Tommee Tippee website HERE

Tommee Tippee south africa

Now that you are all stylish and pushing your stroller around, do not forget to add some awesome baby care items as well! All the little bum creams and items you carry around in your nappy bag are important too you know! For this I have spotted the baby range from Oh-Lief, They have a whole range of all natural products with a very pretty packaging that makes it stylish enough that you will want to carry the products in your nappy bag! Like the pretty Baby Skincare starter pack in the picture below.  You can check out the Oh-Lief Facebook page HERE for more details on the whole range and where to buy it all. Or you can visit your nearest Kids Emporium store as a stockist.

Baby care products

Next oh my list is the oh so beautiful Jean Kelly changing clutch. This handy item is made to look beautiful and stylish while at the same time being the most handy item in your nappy bag or even handbag if you choose to carry it like that. The Jean Kelly changing clutch is a practical baby changing clutch bag that folds open and includes a padded changing mat and storage for babies changing essentials. So you can have all your nappy changing items neatly folded in a stylish clutch! The Changing clutch sells for only R299. AND if you really wanna get fancy then you can check out the Jean Kelly baby bags, I have featured them before and honestly I can not imagine having any other baby bag. You can view the whole range and prices HERE on the Jean Kelly website.

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Lastly for today is the Baby Sense apron hooded bath towel. This one is to help you not look like you are juggling between the baby and the towel at bath time. The apron towel keeps mom’s hands free by fastening around your neck and back. You therefore have two hands free to safely take baby out the bath, while keeping yourself dry. This is especially fantastic for new moms that are still trying to get the hang of bath time and are a bit nervous about handling baby on their own while getting the towel right. This fabulous item sells for R280 on the Baby Sense website HERE.

Baby Sense Apron hooded towel

Thanx for reading along today! Remember to check out and please support the #CarseatFullstop campaign to create awareness for child safely in cars and the importance of always using a Car Seat! You can read more about it HERE and follow the #CarseatFullstop on social media to see how you can get involved.

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