Tarte Amazonian clay blush vs Clarins blush prodige

I decided earlier in the week that I am gonna do everything pretty pink on the blog this week in support of breast cancer awareness!! So remember girls to have your boobs checked or give them a quick check your self! I find the best and trusted way is to get your gyni or Dr to check them for you at one of your appointments! Then I always feel that its done properly. :) Keep it in mind!

So today on the blog I am going pretty pink with my two current favorite blushes!!! I love blushes with beautiful imprints and designs and for me these two are just so pretty. Plus they are top quality blushes that last all day so it is worth spending all my money on!

Tarte amazonian clay 12-hour blush

I have always wanted a Tarte blush, just cause they look so freaking beautiful!!!! And yes this is me admitting to buying items just cause they look pretty and not even thinking about if it is going to do its job properly. I have a love for pretty looking high end makeup products. Like I feel like I need a glass display case in my room that I can put them in and stand them open so I can see how beautiful they look… ok wait that is taking it a bit far by anyways screw it. This Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush is just beautiful, its got a stunning design and the shade “flush” that I have it in is a light yet vibrantly bright pink that brightens up the whole face when wearing it! unfortunately Tarte is not available in SA and I was lucky enough to buy this from someone that didn’t want it anymore.

Tarte blush

My second most amazing and actually available in SA blush is this Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating cheek color! I started lusting over this beautiful blush after my best friend got one and then of course I had to have one. And then my dear friend Telana gave me this one for my birthday :) I have it in shade “Soft Peach”. It is like a highlighter and blush that illuminates cheeks and adds fantastic life to skin. I love how it just transforms my look immediately , brightens and brings out the cheek area perfectly. It comes in this stunning gold compact with a little Clarins brush , and that is all in a neat little red Clarins box plus it has a beautiful red velvet slip cover! Clarins is just so luxurious.

Clarins Blush Prodige Soft Peach

I find especially in the summer months and warmer weather now that I tend to wanna now start wearing my pretty blushes to brighten up and shimmer my face a bit. I did some swatches on my hand and also applied these two to my face, I put the Clarins on my left cheek and the tarte on my right so u can see the difference.

Clarins and tarte blush swatches

Tarte flush blush swatches

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