The best toy you can buy your child, Play-doh

How many toys and play items have you bought your child that they actually end up using? You know what I am talking about, you go to the toy store and spend hundreds of rand on high tech fancy toys that they play with once and then discard to the back of the play tent.

The one thing I have bought Zoe that she actually comes home and plays with every day is Play-Doh! It is affordable, she doesn’t need help using it, it is safe for her to play with in her room on her own and it actually teaches her a lot!


Play-Doh recently celebrated their 60th Birthday! 60 years of bringing joy and creating imaginative play for children. Why I say it is the best toy you can buy your child is because it promotes imagination, creative play, learning, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. It keeps a child busy for hours and you will be surprised to see the creations they come up with if you just let them do their own thing with the Play-Doh.


Play-Doh suggests encouraging your child to make stories with their Doh using other toys as well. They suggest that you give your child some Play-Doh, a flat work surface and a toy of some sort like a car or dinosaur or barbie and tell them to create things with their Doh that are related to this toy or make a habitat for the animal. Leave your child to their own imagination and do not give them instructions on exactly what to make, this lets them explore ideas and opens their mind to a new way of thinking so that they learn in the process.


So this is exactly what I did with Zoe, I gave her the Play-Doh, a flat work surface, let her choose some toys and left her to do her thing. It turns out Zoe was more into thinking about going fishing this weekend so we ended up with a fish that she then asked me to help decorate but I got a chance to see what my child was thinking about in her mind that she had now brought a fish to life using her Play-Doh!

Play-Doh will be launching the Pay-Doh Town line, available at retailers nationwide for kids 3 and up and includes playsets, vehicles and figures that work together to build a world for expansive, storytelling play.  With scenes and themes that kids are familiar with, such as a Town Center, Pet Shop, Ice Cream Truck and Firehouse, and figures such as a police officer and a hairdresser, kids can use their imaginations to create unique stories each time they play.

If you want to encourage play with your children then get some Play-Doh! it hasn’t been around for 60 years for nothing!

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