The “Get Real” This is what I actually want for mothers day list…

Hey hey it’s Mothers day!

So this Sunday is mothers day and I am so tempted to say things like “All I want for mothers day is a hug” , Which is true, I do want a hug but if we were to be talking about things my husband could buy me then this changes things a little.

I mean lets get real here, all the sleepless nights, no time to do my hair and having to clean up tiny people’s poo and pick up washing that gets scattered all over the house.. I think I deserve a mothers day gift that will impress me! The last time I got a good gift was on my daughters 1st birthday, my husband gave me a TV for my bedroom so I could attempt to be lazy and watch a movie in bed. So lets do hope my husband reads this list and gets some kind of a tiny hint out of it..

Anyways so lets get this party started with the “What the heck I ACTUALLY want for Mothers day” List

#1 a KitchenAid mixer

I have wanted one of these since like forever!!! I spend loads of time in the kitchen baking and cooking and pretending I actually know how to bake bread. I think these KitchenAid mixers are to die for amazingly beautiful and I want one, no particular color or anything.. anyone would do, or tho if someone were to ask me I would say I do gravitate slightly more towards the raspberry color. The closes thing I currently have to a kitchen mixer is my Nutribullet and a wooden spoon. Go stalk KitchenAid on Facebook over HERE 


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#2 Gin – Because mama need’s a drink.

Yes I like to have a drink or two over the weekends, it calms my mommy nerves and makes me feel like a younger more adventurous me for a few minutes. My drink of choice is Gin and there are two brands in particular that stand out to me, The Cruxland one and the Musgrave pink gin (because its pink and who doesnt want a pink drink). Go Find Musgrave on Facebook over HERE and Cruxland you can find HERE


#3 A Pink La Laine Giant merino wool throw.

Winter is coming.. and its coming hard. I HATE the cold. I have so many little throw blankets all over the house just in case I feel a chill coming on. But none of them come close to how gorgeous these Giant Merino wool throws are, they are just so beautiful and yes I totally want one. I think the Pink one is pretty but they make them is a lovely range of colors. You can find them on Instagram @lalainesa or over on Facebook HERE


#4 A Faithful To Nature voucher

If you have been following me on social media then you would see my latest switch over to an extremely healthy lifestyle, yes I am actually always trying to be healthy but I recently took the plunge and went gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. With this came a whole new meaning to stalking the Faithful to Nature website for ingredients to bake and cook and be healthy. My poor husband is so sick of my showing him my “cart” waiting for him to just pass over his credit card for check out.. well lets just say I am still waiting. So a shopping voucher would do.

#5 A set of 6 Le Creuset cups

A nice shiny new set of coffee mugs would be just fabulous! My husband has now broken two of mine so we are short on these beauties and since I refuse to drink my coffee out of anything else, it seems I shall be needing more! I want a set of 6, all different colors because I like my Le Creuset kitchen to be colorful. Also I wouldn’t mind a new pot *wink *wink


I think I am gonna stop now because after this short yet luxurious list, I think we are all broke even if its just in out minds.. ;)


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    Lol love this! :-D Yes we can all dream… <3

    1. Melissa says:

      Well im definitely dreaming haha. Maybe one day hay!

  2. sandy says:

    New Le Cruset! Absolutely. Could do with a Gin too lol

    1. Melissa says:

      I need a whole bunch of gin lol. Always makes things better

  3. Monique says:

    I love this. I have a set of the Le Creuset mugs ; a red one for me and a blue one for hubby. Its our together time and caffeine fix first thing in the morning before the chaos starts and the kids awake.

    1. Melissa says:

      The mugs are so nice! Can’t imagine my morning coffee without them.

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