The Gin Box – Amazing craft gin

Right so who doesn’t love gin!?

It’s a super versatile drink that can be mixed with almost anything and you definitely are not limited when it comes to playing with flavors, colors and cocktails.

I have been drinking gin for a long time, usually just the normal widely available cheap gin or tho I always eyed the fancy looking craft gins in the pretty colored bottles. But how do you decide which gin to try, which craft gin to spend your money on and what to mix it with?

Well this is where The Gin Box comes in…

The Gin Box is a South African subscription box that you can choose to receive monthly , bi-monthly or quarterly for R650 a month. Or you can choose to just order a once off box at R750, you can also shop all the wonderful Gin’s on the sites shop section.

For your R650 you get a specially curated box with a bottle of craft gin, something to mix it with as well as garnish and added extras to taste and play with. Basically a fancy flavor matched box of fun!

This way you get your taste experience made for you and you do not have to sit around wondering what to mix your fancy Gin with.

I got the April Gin Box which contained a 1l bottle of the gorgeous Clemengold Gin, some pink grapefruit tonic water, Cinnamon and citrus garnish, citrus infused dark chocolate, A pancake mix and even the sugar and cinnamon mix to go with it!

I had great fun mixing different drinks and dressing them pretty with the garnish, the cinnamon stick is a great addition. The taste pairing of the spicy pancakes, citrus dark chocolate and the wonderful Clemengold gin is absolutely magical and truly made for a fun Gin drinking experience.

what makes a well blended craft gin different to the usual normal priced bottle of gin?

Its all in the taste and the ease of drinking. Cheaper Gins can taste a lot like just alcohol spirits and can be a bit overwhelming in taste with certain mixers. A good craft Gin is easy to drink, still strong in alcohol but even a double can hold a good flavor and not be over powering. A regular gin would be hard to sip neat but an infused craft gin has flavor and smoothness.

It is a different kind of drinking, its not your usual weekend kick back loads of G&T’s by the braai… It is an enjoyable moment in every glass as you sit and sip on a Gin you can appreciate, its a slower smoother drinking experience that makes your bottle go a long way.

Head over to The Gin Box to order yourself the May box, it looks like it is gonna be a great one! Or just shop around for a nice bottle.


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