TIGI Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

The bottles have taken on a clean Laboratory look and Are simple with The Test Box name on and the name of the product it contains on it. this Month is TIGI Dumb Blonde

Tigi Dumb Blonde test box July
TIGI Dumb Blonde

This Months bottles Contain The TIGI Dumb Blonde Shampoo 50ml, TIGI Dumb Blonde Conditioner 50ml and TIGI AfterParty smoothing cream. And it is AMAZING!!!! Gosh I cant get enough of it haha even tho I am definitely not blonde, I have washed my hair twice with these super amazing products and WOW! I didn’t expect it to be that great but seriously my hair is left in a wonderful state after testing these! The texture of the shampoo and conditioner when washing is different to other products, its almost got a odd wax feel to it and just spreads beautifully through hair.

The TIGI Dumb Blonde shampoo is purple pink ish in color and only takes a tiny amount to cover and properly wash hair, And ooooh yum the smell is to die for!!!! It is for chemically treated hair and with keratin and milk protein, to help reconstruct and care for chemically treated hair. This is not only for our Blonde haired friends but also works wonders on colored dark hair and hair with highlights! it makes my Highlights shine like golden sun rays! Beautiful!

Dumb Blonde Shampoo_noref

The TIGI Dumb Blonde Conditioner is yellow in color and has a thick wax like texture feel that is very different when applying on hair but dont let this fool you!! My oh My does this stuff do the trick! i would never have thought this would be such a super amazing product and I would never have bought it as it is “dumb blonde” and well that’s not me lol, But gee wizz Thank The Test box for filling our bottles with these!!! This moisturizing conditioner reconstructs hair by using Protein Booster Technology to help restore the hair at its core, And combined with milk extract and keratin, protect the hair externally. The smell, just like the shampoo is yummy yummy goodness!

Dumb Blonde Conditioner

And the last but most definitely not least Product in our box this months is The TIGI After Party Smoothing cream for smooth, silky , shiny perfect Hair!!! Firstly i find my addiction to this product is fueled by the fantastic smell it has as it leaves my hair smelling just as yummy! its like i can just keep washing my hair to have it smell so edible and feel oh sooooo touchable!!! Like literally couldn’t stop playing with my hair and running my fingers through it after using this, my husband was sitting laughing at me when i was telling him “no really but smell it its amazing, just touch it” And then proceeded to kak him out at his rough fingers didnt really do the trick at brushing though my hair hahah. This product is said to smooth hair and make it shiny, health looking and control fly away ends leaving hair looking perfect . well i think it does that perfectly and gets a huge vote from me!!!! YAY for this one :)

Tigi After Party

Totally Loooved this months box! so so much. Can I have a refill?! haha ;)

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that we can buy on debit order now! :D

    1. Haha ja I’m not too sure it’s a good thing lol. Have you ordered anything yet… I did lol like a naughty little girl!!

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