To the mom working herself to the bone…

Hey you.. yes you! The mom that is tirelessly working her ass off to get everything done! I feel your pain..

Im exhausted and sore and some what frustrated. It does not matter what kind of mom you are, if you have a day job or if you stay at home, if you work part time or full time or study or whatever. If you are a mom you are most likely working yourself to death everyday to get EVERYTHING done that needs to be done.

I am talking about working, cleaning, cooking, washing, errands, food shopping, school runs, poop cleaning, toilet flushing, dog feeding, stain scrubbing, email typing, phone answering, diaper changing, more washing! ALL OF IT! All the time.

It never really ends does it! From early morning rushing around till the end of the day 5pm where you are so sore, sore to the bone with sore feet and a head ache and a baby that will not stop banging the pot lid on the kitchen floor but you just sacrifice the head ache because if you take the lid away you wont be getting any cooking done and your husband is about to get home and ask you whats for dinner! Then after that you have to pack tomorows school bags and some how remember to drink enough water cause moms need to be healthy too! Like what the fuck actually! right?

hard working mothers
Photo by Alex Pasarelu on Unsplash

In the middle of all of this you are trying to hold onto your own identity as a grown ass women, you know, have some kind of personality and when someone asks you how you are, you must try and have something Intelligent and interesting to say other than “Im so Tired, my kids dont sleep”.

We are expected to look as sexy as we did years ago before we had kids and actually had time to plan our outfits for the next day and put on makeup! And I am not talking about doing your makeup in your car outside your office, that doesn’t count! And the sex drive, what is that?! Or am I alone here, I am so tired … Soooo tired that I didnt even drink water , never mind have sex.

I see you ladies! Struggling along and dreaming of having a nice hot bath and a full nights sleep.

I see the moms that keep saying they will catch up with work and their to do list when the kids go to bed but instead end up falling asleep too because by 8pm you cant keep your eyes open.

Also, what is up with the mom guilt!! You know the guilt when you are standing in woolies and you really wanna buy that pretty new bra or gorgeous pink silk blouse but instead you end up gravitating towards the kiddies section and that mom guilt takes over and you end up buying stuff for the kids instead!

Let us all take some comfort in the fact that we are all ROCK STARS!!!! Awesome kick ass mothers who’s children are well cared for and we half look like we have our shit together. Life is tough and it is totally ok to feel exhausted, just know that it is all worth while and it definitely does not go unnoticed.



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