Tommee Tippee Sangenic tec

One month into parenting my 3rd child! Some things do get easier with each child but some things do not.

Like changing a nappies for instance, the act it’s self is easier but dealing with cleaning up and getting up to dispose of said nappy is not. The first few weeks brought us mornings with a bedroom littered with folded up dirty nappies just waiting to be thrown away. The sweet smell of milk poo filled the air.. and or tho I do embrace the smell of milk poo, it’s just not very romantic is it.

Then there was a knock on the door and an amazing delivery from Tommee Tippee arrived!

We had always thought of buying a nappy bin but to be honest I was scared I would be wasting my money. I have always just disposed of them in our big kitchen bin with the rest of the dirt. It wasn’t until we started actually using the Tommee Tippee bin that I realized what we had been missing out on all along.

The Sangenic tec bin literally locks in the smell so all of a sudden there was no more sweet baby poo smell hanging in the air, with the normal bin we had to change the bag often to keep the house clean of the nappy smell, every time you opened the bin the smell would hit you. The Sangenic I keep in my bedroom next to my bed because I am co-sleeping and it has been amazing how it locks in the smell, you would never think there were 10 poo nappies right next to my bed!

The Tommee Tippee Sangenic tec is user friendly and twists and wraps the nappies as they go in, this insures that the smell is contained. The bottom of the lid has a convenient built in scissors to easily cut off the bag when you want to dispose of it, then you just re tie the bottom of the film and carry on as usual. Refills are also super easy to put on.

The bin also has many other features such as:

  • Tub holds up to 28 nappies
  • The anti-bacteria film kills 99% of germs on contact
  • NEW grey refill is made from 98% recycled plastic and includes a very soft citrus scent*. 
  • Our new longer lasting refill will Twist and wrap approx 66 nappies.

The bin is also compact and easy on the eye, making it perfect to integrate into any room decor.


I have one of these wonderful Tommee Tippee Sangenic tec starter sets to give away to one lucky person. The set comes with the Sangenic bin and 6 refills for it.

To ENTER all you have to do is:

1- Follow me & Tommee Tippee on Facebook.

2- comment on this post and tell me your thoughts on this wonderful product.

Notices/Terms: This post is sponsored by Tommee Tippee, prize is also provided and sent out by them. I will randomly select a winner once the giveaway is over and if that winner does not claim the prize after being contacted then I reserve the right to select another winner. I am in no way responsible for lost prizes or courier damages.

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  1. Marlaine says:

    This is one awesome product, I’m really impressed and love all the features. My favourite features is that The Sangenic tec is user friendly and that the anti-bacteria film kills 99% of germs on contact. Perfect for every nursery!!! I would love to win this amazing prize for my daughter.

    1. I love that it kills 99% of bacteria, has a soft citrus smell and can take up to 28 nappies at a time.Nice to know it has refill bags. I would totally love this I have such a small bin which can take about 6 nappies. With newborns it is hard to change dustbins all the time. Please I would love to win this so much.

      1. Newthricha says:

        Product sounds amazing.. I Love that it kills germs and has a citrus scent..

        1. Zakiya says:

          I love that it twists and wraps the nappy to contain the smell. I’m expecting with my first child and my main concern was what do I do with soiled nappies. This is the perfect solution. Love the set, great idea !

        2. Tasneem Burghers says:

          Aah life just gets so much easier with this

    2. Sarah says:

      It’s brilliant. No longer does the smell of a dirty nappy linger in the air but rather keeps the nursery smelling fresh!!

      1. Lezanne says:

        wow this is awesome im in need of one 33 weeks now would be nice to have

    3. Keshni says:

      I use all tommee tippee products for my baby girl im just missing the bin.. Holding thumbs..

    4. Belinda says:

      Hi I have a 5 week old little boy and feel like all I do is give him boobies and change nappies.
      I have wanted to purchase a Jin like this but was not sure it was worth it but reading your review I am so jealous I so not have one. I love the tommee tippee products my son is using the dummies and bottles and I use the breast pump. Would love to have the benefits of using this product love that it kills 99.9% of the germs and that it can hold sobmanny nappies so I do not have to be continually emptying bins and going outside between feeding and trying to shower I would love to win this

  2. Kimberley says:

    I’m inlove with this ! It’s so perfect , whoever came up with this wonderful product is amazing!! Thank you.
    It’s perfect to stay in babies room . I’m just inlove with it. And thank you for making it a give away .

    1. Fatima says:

      I am in love with this sangenic tec bin! I especially love that it holds 28 nappies at a time (that is quite a bit). Having a constant baby poo smell lingering in the air (my room mostly) irritates my nose lol having to change the plastic bag of the bin each time there is a poo nappy is also irritating lol this sangenic tec bin will save me so much time! My 10 month old poo way too much! This bin will be perfect for my sanity.

  3. Venetia says:

    Know the feeling of nappies all over the bedroom. Mine is piled up next to bed side table. How fabulous it would be to have a Tommee Tippee nappy dustbin. Love all of the Tommee Tippee range.

  4. Angel says:

    This product sound amazing …. the fact it hides stinky little nappy smells is amazing ! I love it’s eco friendly with recycled plastic … and is anti bacterial ! All in all an amaZing product for my new bum arriving 1st April !

  5. Chantell fick says:

    I’ve always been a Tommee Tippee fan and №w with a new baby on the way it would really benifit us having one of these. It’s so convient to have something so useful, hygienic and odourfree.

  6. Stacey Kim Baisitse says:

    This is such an amazing GIVEAWAY and a much needed product…I’m a mom of 2 and soon to be 3 bundles of joy. I have just found out I am expecting and this would really make my life so much easier. I have had 2 c sections so I know I need to have 1 more …independence is everything to me and also hygiene this easy and hygenic device would really be an absolute blessing go have

  7. Theshnee Reddy says:

    Totally love it!! I have two baby boys (that’s around 6 diapers a day on average) and a little one due in August.. This would be an awesome win.. Live that you don’t get any bad odors..

  8. Zana Bhayla says:

    I would love to own this nappy bin as baby will be arriving soon . This nappy bin is currently on my wishlist mainly because it is eco friendly and highly recommended by my peers. The fact that it is odour free is definitely a winner for me!

  9. Toni says:

    I’ve also wondered if it would be worth it. This would be waaay better than using the loose nappy bags, especially since those don’t kill the bacteria which causes the smell. Definitely want to get this before baby comes in July.

  10. Lutfiyya Nicholson says:

    Omg I’d love this so much, its an amazing prize . It’s so beneficial and very awesome.

    1. Ruweida Muhammad says:

      Wow this sounds amazing!! I have to take out the trash every time my little one makes a number 2 because the whole house smells. Having this wonderful Sangenic bin tec bin in my home will simplify my life.

  11. Sanelisiwe Duze says:

    This is awesome i love the fact that iys odorless and antibacterial. Its absolutely gorgeous to look at and mum’s vest friend when it comes to those nappies. I love t

    1. Nikiwe Dlamini says:

      This is such a lovely giveaway.Absolutely love the features of this nappy bin.

      1. Zahra says:

        Your sentiments in this post had matched mines completely! I have also contemplated buying this when I was doing my baby shopping,figuring that it must be a unnecessary and as a first time mom had thought to myself “how hard is it to just throw it into the normal household bin!” lol no one will ever understand how I regreted that decision!! Firstly it was the annoyance of making sure that the bin is REGULARLY taken out to avoid the smell.. I remember my husband and I fighting about whose turn it was to take the stinky trash out only to resort to flipping a coin! I had seen your post and a friends nappy bin and was amazed at how convenient it was to dispose off in the Tommee Tippee bin, no smell, the ease of the product! Definitely a must have product! Well done on this AWESOME invention!

  12. Nisha says:

    This definitely comes in handy with a new baby around and an exceptional product like this makes handling poopy nappies a walk in the park

  13. Kelli says:

    Love the brand, have the bottles, steriliser, dummies and the simplee sangenic bin. I’m excited to see how much longer lasting the refill is.

  14. Darlene says:

    I love that it locks in the smell. Being as it gets super cold winter time atleast i wouldnt have to walk all the way outside to throw out a poo nappy cause of the smell in the room. I also love that it kills up to 99% of germs on contact.

    1. This is so perfect for our little shared nursery / bedroom. The fact that it locks in the smell will allow our tiny space to be kept pleasant and will definitely be better than hanging scented nappy packets around dthe room! I love that it holds 28 nappies too. That’s quite a bit.

  15. Rebecca Jackman-Derman says:

    My baba was recently born two months early, before we had looked at proper nappy bins. This one looks awesome – a lifesaver for any new mom!

  16. Tercia C says:

    We’re a Tommee Tippee Family from bottles to bins! I thought with my first born I’d have one kid and be done and donated EVERYTHING we had to Wesley Home for Kids. I’d love the opportunity to win this amazing prize! We have a small living space so with my first three years ago I’d throw poo nappies straight in the Sangenic (3rd hand donated one) there’s never a whiff of wee or poop EVER! I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to win it! We’re a minimal plastic household so I don’t use baggies – we missed the dirt truck last week so wish this mama luck! Newborn (9weeks) and toddler night time diapers are gross kept in regular trash cans. Fingers crossed Tercia

    1. What amazing invention whoever came up with this idea is amazing

  17. Zanette Du Plessis says:

    The tomme tippee sangenic tec is a definite wish list item. I love that it is more compact than the bins from other brands. The technology that went into this nappy bin is amazing. I love the twist effect that eliminates the odour going through the nursery and house and to top it off, it also kills the germs. Everything that a new mom wants to hear.

  18. Tercia C says:

    Ever miss the dirt truck and have newborn and toddler diapers stewing in your bin? Pretty bad right? Now imagine being an environmentally concious household who uses minimal plastic… none of the poo diapers have even been wrapped up or disposed of properly so missing bin day last week has been traumatic to say the least. But I’m grateful for happy and healthy kids, and chocolate and wine! Good luck to all the Mamas! You’re doing an amazing job keeping it all together.

  19. Roxanne Chetty says:

    Wow what an amazing product well with having a Newborn baby due this week this nappie bin would be a great addition to me well all those smelly nappies it’s one least thing to stress about….. This bin looks so good too I can’t get over it… ❤️

  20. Neli says:

    I am such a tommee tippee mommy from bottles,bottle warmer,steamer and all im missing is this lovely nappy bin!Just had a baby 4days ago and this would be a great prize to win

  21. Shani-Lee Balie says:

    Awesome product! Another bin would be awesome since ive got twin girls and between the 2 of them my existing tommee tippee bin fills up so quickly. Just love the twist that eliminates odour!

  22. Salochana Naidoo says:

    Living in an small apartment on the 6th floor, this bin is so perfect and convenient in so many ways … Anti-bacteria, longer lasting, scented.. Would love this for our little boy!

  23. Jade Lamb says:

    Would love LOVE to win this! We will be sharing our room with our new baby girl soon and nappy disposing is sure to be a problem… this definitely sounds like the solution. I love that it is small and compact but still holds a lot of nappies. Will be great to have in our small place to keep the bad smells away. Holding thumbs!

    1. Sarah says:

      Seems like an absolute blessing. Also thought of purchasing a nappy bin but shared your skeptism of wasting money. However after your review, would love to give it try.

  24. Andrea Bester says:

    Gosh I love this bin!!! With my first pregnancy I really wanted one but never got one-still really want one . People think it’s silly but this bin helps in so many ways, no need to go out in the cold at 2am to throw the nappie in the outside bin to avoid the house smelling funky.

  25. Marlene says:

    This sounds like a wonderful nappy bin that would truly come in very handy for my daughter in their new baby girls’ room. Sealing in all smells and getting rid of all harmful bacteria. It is a good looking little feature for a baby room and is very user friendly. It would be amazing to #win this.

  26. Lindie Pretorius says:

    This really sounds like a lifesaver! Our boy is almost 20 months old, and to be honest, i also thought we’d be wasting money getting a nappy bin. Since the nappies smell so “lovely”, we ended up putting them in a separate bin by the back door, with a makeshift “lid closing device” aka plastic bottle filled with water attached to a rope, attached to the lid…. since little mister would keep opening it and setting the smell free. Sometimes even unpacking the little bundles of joy – to my horror.
    The bin is now outside. Empty. All alone in the rain.
    And the dirty nappies snuck back into the normal bins, because what a hassle.

    I think it really makes a difference to hear from an experienced mom that a product actually works! The fact that it can keep up to 28 nappies and really locks the odours in is amazing! Meaning you won’t need to change the bag so often…. and keeping costs down.
    We’d be so happy to switch to one of these to make our lives easier… especially when baby nr 2 arrives, hopefully, in near future :)

  27. Bhavana Singh says:

    I would love to win this amazing Sangenic Tec Bin, easy, convenient and hygenic!

    1. Kelly Hall says:

      Wow, this looks like an amazing product! I love that it keeps the stinky nappy smell locked in! There is nothing worse than a lingering bad smell in baby’s room! I am expecting baby boy number 2 in about 4 weeks- this would come in very handy!

  28. Jamie-Lee Coetzee says:

    This little wonder sounds amazing! I would love to win this!
    And how about that? I love the smell of citrus

  29. Simoné Stapelberg says:

    I am also expecting my 3rd (not planned) with my 2nd 4 years ago I used the normal white Tommee Tippee nanny bin and it was a life / health saver! Reading your blog, just makes me excited as to how even better this one is!

  30. Suzane De Oliveira says:

    Well this nappy hygienic nappy disposal bin is the best invention ever!!.Me being a nurse it’s so important to practice the correct hygiene so this would be the most perfect
    and appreciated prize ever to win
    Feeling blessed already

  31. Nicole Alberts says:

    I love the recyclable bags and the fact that it’s 99% antibacterial is awesome. My husband will LOVE the fact that it locks in the smell (hahaha). We are expecting our first baby and we probably have no idea what we are in for, but when he saw this product in the stores he said we NEED one of those

  32. I would love to win for my niece, she is due next month. This will be an awesome gift for her. Especially with a new baby one has to be hygienic, keep out bacteria, smell. It’s easy to use. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome prize.

  33. Olivia Williams says:

    Simply love it. No smells, no fuss.

  34. Pauline says:

    I’m SO excited to see this competition, I’ve been wanting one of these sooo badly! I’m 24 weeks pregnant with twins, so I’d really be thrilled to have this to block out ALL of their the smelly nappies (there’s going to be alot of them!) this is definitely going to be put to good use! I love that it’s so compact, we don’t have a big nursery, so this is perfect!

  35. Tanya says:

    Girl… I can totally relate to the nappy airoma filling almost every inch of my home when I open up the bin to throw away another soiled diaper. Now, I have twin boys, they are on solids and teething! I will allow you to imagine that fine fragrance. This little dynamite diaper bin, I believe, will help ease up the smell and also the effort of having to change bags every. single. day! I love the fact that it twists to lock in each nappy and it’s odour and that the packaging is antibacterial… Clever move there!

    1. Shellaine says:

      The first thing that stood out to me was that the plastic makes use of recycled plastic. I have been making eco bricks to give to our local SPCA to make a new run and through doing this I’ve realised just how much plastic actually ends up in the oceans. So for me the fact that the plastic is recycled was the first thing I loved about this.
      There are so many needs that have been taken into account. From recycling to hygeine to convenience. This would be such an amazing prize to win

  36. Haarisha Hoffman says:

    So being a working mom I have noticed that even after we dispose of the nappy it still leaves a foul smell in the air, as the doors and windows are closed for the duration we are at work. It becomes a bit problematic for us when we arrive home as the smells lingers in the air. Since my son sleeps in our room too, the poo stained nappy smell lingers a while. He is also teething with his stomach, which leaves a lot of smells in the air. I think this product is amazing especially for mums who are not home all day to keep windows open., especially in the bedroom. Also it’s perfect for containing the germs. I could really really do with something like this and being my first child, it would definitely come hand in the future when we have another baby. I am all for investing.

  37. Zeenah Rahim says:

    I have never owned a nappy bin before so also skeptical about it.
    Hoping to win so the universe can prove me wrong.

  38. Danél Brits says:

    In love with the brand, my little boy in 3 months old and I’ve used Tommee Tippee from birth I recently changed my old Tommee Tippee bottles to the new advanced anti-colic bottles and they are amazing I also have soothers, bibs, breastpumps of them❤️ would love to test out the Sangenic tec, and would love a non smelly nursery!!!! Its amazing that it kills 99% germs and the new refills are made of recycled material and have a scent .

  39. Shirley says:

    Much needed! Am sure it will help with that awful nappy smell and keep the bacteria out. Hope I get to win this.

  40. Rene says:

    Wow…oneday when I am big, I am going to have one just like it!!! so impressed!

  41. Anushka Maharajh-Moonilal says:

    Congratulations on your new arrival..was following your journey and really find you so inspiring. I have just had baby no4 and ditto in the nappy nostalgia being not so sweet.. I have wanted one of these fir ages and thought i would get one as a gift but i never got to have a baby shower. I live rge easy to refill and simplistic convenience the bin offers especially at r those 2am baooy changes.

  42. Claire Macer-Wright says:

    I love the twist and wrap feature. So unique and such an interesting way to keep the poo smells away!

  43. Lisa-marie McCarter says:

    Wow what a great product. I love the fact that they now have the light orange smell. Now your nursary wont smell bad but have a great smell as well as be disinfected

  44. Stephanie Odell says:

    Nappy bin is on my list of things I still need for the nursery! This one sounds so good! The fact that it holds 28 nappies so great especially foor the early stages when baby gies through nappies at a rapid rate. It kills up to 99% of germs and smells of yummy citrus! Also it looks really good! Whats not to love? Also I love sticking to brand and already have the Tommee Tippee breast pump, sterilizer and bottle sets!

  45. Robynn Osborne says:

    I am a mom of an almost 3 year old and when it came to changing nappies with her I thought I had it down to a tee. There would be nappies scattered around the room and when it came to disposing, it would all get chucked in a plastic bag with all the regular waste and there was always a sour smell in the air. Little did I know life could be easier. I knew of nappy bins but I didn’t know of the added benefits or the removing if odour. I am now pregnant with my second and can definitely say that the tommee tippee sangenic tec does seem a delightful way to make life easy and its oh-so-stylish and portable. What more could a modern mom want? Simply brilliant.

  46. Lauren Van wyk says:

    I do not use disposable nappies but I would love to win this for my friend who is pregnant with her 2nd baby and really needs a nappy bin but does not have the funds for one!

  47. I love The anti-bacteria film kills 99% of germs on contact. This is an amazing product, all of their products is amazing

  48. Geraldine says:

    Absolutely beautiful products. Will make a new mom’s life a little easier. The products are good quality and unique

  49. I’m a new expecting mom 2019. What I like about the product is that it locks in all the smell and kills 99,9 % of germs on contact and how it is so beautiful and portable

    1. Nosipho Mncube says:

      My name is Nosipho Mncube

  50. Thandaza Mkhize says:

    One word Amazing. I love how the product kills germs and odur, how it is portable and the twist and wrap feature is everything.

  51. Read great reviews for this product. Tommee Tippee is a trusted brand in may homes. Would love to have this for baby number 2.

  52. Luronne Cachia says:

    Tommee Tippee is the most trustworthy brand out there when it comes to baby products. I was raised with Tommee Tippee and now my nieces and nephew all have Tommee Tippee. It is like they are the only products that are babyproof. When you see a bottle being hurdled through the air, aiming right for your head, you know you need to duck and you don’t have to worry about it cracking or shattering. They must have been working hand in hand with the old Nokia 3310’s

  53. Caitlin Reuben says:

    I would love to win this amazing prize. Tommee tippee is a very trustworthy brand . I am expecting my second baby after 12 years and I cant wait to meet my princess. I would love to win this so I can tick it off my list because having a baby after so long is like having a baby for the 1st time and you will have to buy every once again which basically means you are starting from starch. Fingers and toes crossed to win this amazing prize and to all the mums who have entered GOOD LUCK and have a blessed pregnancy.

  54. Ronnae Elliott says:

    I love that it blends into any room and that holds so many nappies. I like that it is Eco friendly being made from recycled plastic. The anti bacterial properties are a bonus as well as the odour control feature.

  55. Westley Primmer says:

    So as a dad to be ,two of my fellow parenting friends have this bin,and this is what I can say from what I’ve seen .
    The Sangenic is a diaper disposal bin that seals in the freshness of each nappy as you go, meaning you can have a nappy bin right next to your change table that’s entirely operable using one hand, it doesn’t let the smell out, and it can’t be opened by dogs.
    It comes equipped with a long, plastic, antibacterial liner tube. You plonk the used nappy inside, along with any wipes, then use a little handle to twist the bag off and seal it into an airtight plastic sausage. You then close the lid, which has a plunger thing attached, and it pushes the little baby-butt bratwurst down into its be
    It turns out, the pee nappies don’t smell and just go into the general rubbish in their scented nappysack and only the poopy ones disappear into the magic portal that is the Sangenic Nappy Bin, never to be seen or smelled again. So it takes a couple of weeks to fill the bin, costing very little in refills, and still not having ANY odour, even when you lift the lid, nothing. It is a thoughtful design, easy and clean to use, no fuss, no smell, no touching anything yikky, and cost effective piece of equipment that improves nappy changes and baby safety. Highly recommended .
    Gone are the days of racing up and down the stairs or passage all night triple bagging a stinky nappy destined to sit in the garbage until bin day comes around. Gone are the lingering smells of your babies efforts. Gone are the days of pegging ones nose just to take the bin outside .

  56. Megan says:

    I am inlove with Tommee tippee since my first was born. Its an amazing brand and would love to have this for my now 2 month old baby girl.
    I love how it seals and killes germs and keeps out the odour. Fingers crossed. X

  57. Jolandie de Waal says:

    I absolutely LOVE Tommee Tippee and could really make great use of this bin!
    It’s always a struggle to get a bin that keeps the smell away!
    This is one amazing giveaway!

  58. kamilah francis says:

    Great product to keep the odour of nappies at bay and it sterilizes too.

  59. Megan letsoalo says:

    I’m inlove with all of Tommee Tippee products. I really love this bin, I love how it seal and kills germs and keeps out the odour. Perfect for my little boys smelly nappies

  60. Nastacha says:

    My sister gave birth to her first child and I know she will LOVE this product :) I was already sold when I read it kills 99% of the germs and keeps the odour out!

  61. Zamokuhle says:

    Best Bin a mom could ask for easy to use it only twist and wrap, helpful for us new mommies thank you #Prettymessymellow for making our life easier…

  62. tina barresi says:

    Firstly let’s speak about the amazing color scheme this bin has going! WOWOW!!!
    One of the best features is that it Twists and wraps the nappies as they go in, this insures that the smell is contained which is amazing because let’s be honest, kids can be little stinkers right!
    This bin is a must have in any room of the house when you’re running around with kids and changing nappies 3 times a day

  63. Natasha Müller says:

    Looks like an amazing product. My 8 month old has hectic poop explosions. I love the twist & wrap feature!

  64. Shellaine says:

    The first thing that stood out to me was that the plastic makes use of recycled plastic. I have been making eco bricks to give to our local SPCA to make a new run and through doing this I’ve realised just how much plastic actually ends up in the oceans. So for me the fact that the plastic is recycled was the first thing I loved about this.
    There are so many needs that have been taken into account. From recycling to hygeine to convenience. This would be such an amazing prize to win.

    1. Sally says:

      I absolutely love the fact that it kills 99% of germs
      And it the fact that it can carry a whole lot of nappies but also that it’s not bulky and implacable

  65. Atiyyah says:

    I love this product mainly for the fact that it kills germs and it’s easy to dispose of. My son nappies lays all over in my room and my husband often complain about. This product is perfect if you someone like me that is looking for an easier way to dispose of nappies and that keeps forgetting where the bins are. Getting this product you can finally get rid of the packet hanging by the door whoop whoop #mommygoals

  66. Life has become so.much more convenient with this product. No more smelly nappies in thd garbage bag. More hygienic as well. Best invention ever. Love it

  67. Shaa'ira Ameer says:

    I totally need this product. With my 2yr old toddler and 1 LO 1month old both in nappies. I dispose in the bathroom bin and have to constantly emptying it a few times a day as it is small and gets smelly… beside that by 2yr old keeps wanting to touch the bin and I have a double job and making sure his hands is sanitized to make sure he doesn’t pick up any ecoli.. this bin kills 99% of germs and holds 28 nappies and is portable so I can move it to my babys nursery aswell… love it

  68. Maleeka Abrahams says:

    This product sounds amazing. I love the fact that it kills 99% of germs and has a citrus scent. I love that it individually twists&wraps nappies and can hold up to 28 nappies. I don’t know whose more excited about this product me or my husband! We would love to win this!! #firsttimeparents #34weeks

  69. Sallyha says:

    I love how it disposes of the nappy itself
    And the it kills 99% of germs
    Has such a lovely colour that’s versatile
    Would love this product

  70. Precious says:

    I’m so tired from all the individually tied nappy plastic bags laying around in my room plus I’m moving to pants soon, so it’s going to be a hassle since it doesn’t have those wrap straps.
    I love that this bin locks in the smell of nappies and keeps the room smelling healthy and for baby since I’m also co-sleeping.
    And having a crawling baby who’s forever breaking into things, a dirty nappy won’t be of my worries.

  71. Zara Abrahams says:

    This is the most perfect and reliable product I have come across. It would solve so many of my ‘nappie bin’ problems. This would be ideal in our home, as we have a newborn in the house.
    No more smelly nappies in my bin and no more germs.

  72. Faziela Prantice says:

    Wow this is so awesome 99% of germs and so convenient. ❤

  73. I love the fact tht it holds up to 28 nappies which is good and that the anti-bacteria film kills 99% of germs on contact so meaning no germs..Its an amazing prize i would love to win for my baby

  74. Ghaleeqah Bam says:

    This Product Is AMAZING!!! the features are cool and what I love most is that it kills 99% of bacteria (safe environment around the nappy safe baby)

  75. Lynn Nolan says:

    What an amazing gadget, boy has time flown, 25 years ago when my daughter was born, I used cloth nappies and had to wash them by hand and use steri nappy powder and ensure that they were soap free meaning endless rinsing, I remember the nappy rashes she developed, now that she will be a first time mom in July I am looking for ways to make her experience pain free and to give her more time with her baby, thank you for this opportunity and I’m really hoping to win this for my grandson who’s … loading :)

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  77. Nicole says:

    I would love to be chosen for this giveaway. I am going to be a first time mum and as much as I am excited I am also scared. So winning this would make this experience much more manageable as I won’t need to worry about walking down 4 flights of stairs to throw away nappy bags.

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  85. Ntsako Mashimbye says:

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    1. Simone says:

      3 weeks into parenting with my first baby its quite challenging .. i use the tommee tippee bottles and most of there other products so i would love this prize

  88. Chané Wolmarans says:

    I haven’t tried a nappy bin as yet. But think the fact that it kills germs and keeps smells in is amazing. Would love to win one for our Rainbow baby boy due April…

  89. Lezaan says:

    This product looks awesome. I current using fragrances bags. But this bun is more handy. Love the design.

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    Love the idea that nothing smells like nappies when you use this product. Definitely on my list of things to buy before the birth of our first child.

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  93. Zahra says:

    I remember being a first time mom, going through the lists and lists of items needed and promptly dismissing the nappy bins as totally unnecessary.. my hubby had felt it would be a help to us and upon enquiring with his daddy buddies decided we needed this product, to my naive mind my answer was “how hard can it be to toss the nappies into our regular household bin!” wow was I wrong!! I remember us fighting about whose turn it was to take our the trash daily and eventually settling it with a coin flip.. the annoyance of taking out the stinky trash regularly cannot be over emphasised! I remember the day I walked into my friends room and saw the neat nappy bin in the corner, no mess, no fuss and NO SMELL! I can only congratulate Tomee Tippee on an AWESOME invention! On another note.. I still have to subtly tell my hubby that for the first time ever, his buddies wer correct in their opinion on the nappy bin.. Wish me luck lol

  94. Jill Adonis says:

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  96. Angelique says:

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    I love the the fact that it Tub holds up to 28 nappies, so it allows me to remove the gabbage twice a week.

  100. Such a amazing design and simplistic look to it yet it has such an amazing function by keeping the smells of a nappy contained. This really seems like a product that every mom should have

  101. Stephanie Odell says:

    Nappy smell has a way of filling the whole house so being able to seal in the smell and kill up to 99% of the bacteria!… whats not to love?

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    So I have entered already but I can’t stop dreaming about this product….going to be a mom of 3 and this would seriously make life so much easier and cleaner lol I clean after my kids at least 5 times a day and it just doesn’t cut it. And with a new born I know it’s going to be a challenge lol but I’m do excited for the journey. With this product killing 99% germs would put my ocd tendencies at bay lol but also getting out my warm bed to throw away poop is mot something I’m looking forward to especially after a schedules c section. Fingers crossed and toes

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