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Too Faced Melted Metal Lipstick & 16h Bronzer

Two Too Faced items that are worth investing in, The Too Faced Melted Metal Lipstick and the 16h Bronzer. Every beauty lover that I know, dreams about owning a good supply of Too Faced stuff. Its the kind of luxury pretty beauty items that dreams are made of.

Too Faced melted metal macaron lipstick

We are talking about an american brand here so firstly let me tell you quickly how to get it to SA, Choice A is you can order from one of the girls that import and then sell the items, for this I use @onlyxiiiaah_makeup on Instagram. Choice number 2 is to get yourself an Aramax Global Shopper account, This is a courier service account that you sign up for and pay a once off joining fee and then you get forwarding addresses all around the world that you can have your orders shipped to and the courier and customs costs are nice and reasonable for orders.

Too Faced.jpg

Anyways back to the stunning Too Faced goodies :) I got the Melted Metal Liquid lipstick in shade Macaron, its a stunning shiny metallic pink shade that is oh so girly and it actually pleasantly surprised me with how long it lasts on lips. It comes in a little tube that looks kinda like a lip gloss tube and it has a lovely sponge tip that the lipstick comes out of in little drops when the tube is gently pressed. I absolutely love this spongy soft application tip and it feels like heaven when applying to lips, The product its self comes out in a thick liquid form and melts onto lips perfectly. I wasn’t expecting it to have a good lasting power on lips with it being such a liquid but wow it really does stick well and the color pay off is great. It is truly as amazing as everyone says it is. The Melted Metal lipstick sells for $21

Too Faced Melted Metal lipstick.jpg

16 hour endless summer bronzer… making sure girls look like glowing bronzed goddesses!! First thoughts on this is that I didn’t wanna ruin the lovely 16h imprint it had on it so I gently swatched around it but this soon wore off and I went full force in and dusted all my skin with it. This Endless summer shade is perfect, its not too dark so that it stands out too much on skin. It is just the perfect shade to give you a bronzed defined glow and is so soft on skin and long lasting with their special formula so you will look summer ready all day long. This has jumped up to the top of my list as far as favorite bronzer’s go. Brush onto face, neck and shoulders. The Bronzer sells for $30

Too Faced 16 hour bronzer.jpg

I love this defined bronzed look with the bright pink metallic lips. The bronzer is light enough to not be too harsh and hard and just blends perfectly to define. This is my current favorite summer makeup look.

Too Faced cosmetics.jpg



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  1. Bianca Balutto says:

    That colour suits you :) very pretty

    1. Thanx so much hun! I love a good pink color.

  2. That lip colour looks amazing on you

    1. Thanx love! its such a nice one. we should buy a whole bunch lol

  3. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    you look beautiful!! the lipstick is so gorgeous and perfect for warm weather <3
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

    1. Thank you! Nothing like a good bright pink lipstick! :)

  4. BarbieBeautySA says:

    You look so beautiful. The shade suits you so amazingly perfect. #Jelly

    1. Did you end up buying that bronzer hun?

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