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Last year was a big year for bringing Young Living South Africa to launch. Many exciting things happen and I built my own little Essential oils business with Young Living , so I can be a stay at home mom and still blog while earning a side income. I have rounded up some of the most popular uses that myself and my members use oils for.

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The bonus to it all is that we have an amazing natural product at our finger tips to help us with basically everything. Think back to the beginning of time, all remedies and skincare were made from plants right? Straight from the earth, before we started adding chemicals and unnecessary ingredients. This is where Essential oils come in, Young Living oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils straight from nature. So you are getting natural goodness with no worries about ingredients.

Here is a look through my basic top 10 uses for Essential oils around the house, an easy way to start introducing natural wellness and ditch the chemicals.

Young Living South Africa

1- wrinkles

anti-aging is big on everyones minds right? What if you could make your own facial oil serum easily at home, with major healing and anti-aging properties. Ditching the store bought products with long chemical ingredients lists, would you do it? It has been months since I used a store bought face cream and my skin is looking better than ever! I feel healthy and glowing and proud that I did it naturally. Using 20 drops Frankincense and 20 drops lavender Essential oil, mixed in a 15ml base of carrier oil. Just mix it up in a empty roller bottle and bobs your uncle! Roll on your face twice daily, avoiding getting it in your eyes.

2- get more Zzzz

Hey mama’s, keen to get more sleep 😂, always looking for a way to calm everyone for bedtime and get your beauty sleep so you don’t feel drained the next day? A solid dose of Lavender and Cedarwood is great for promoting a deeper and calmer sleep for adults and children. Just mix 2 drops of each Young Living Essential oil with 4 drops of carrier oil and massage onto the bottom of feet and chest/shoulders.

Young living essential oils

3- Peppermint face and body Scrub

Probably the most Invigorating thing iv discovered in ages. Home made face and body scrub that leaves you feeling absolutely amazing and renewed. 3 ingredient is all you need, 2 heaped table spoons brown sugar, 1 table spoon carrier oil 3 drops Young Living peppermint Essential Oils. Mix it all together and scrub away! I use it on my face as well, just scrub lightly and avoid getting any in your eyes. Peppermint oil gives a boost of energy and promotes oxygen flow to the brain, it can also help open the air ways and sooth muscles after exercise.

4- what do sticky labels and Vitamin C have in common?

Lemon Essential oil! Mommy’s Little helper around the house. Lemon is high in natural fruit oils so it makes it great for removing sticky glue, labels on glass, chewing gum out of hair, remove permanent marker, stubborn grease, cleaning aid… You name it! Plus it’s high in vitamin C, making it a great immune system booster that keeps those nasty bugs away.

Facial serum, Young Living South Africa

5- Breath again!

Stuffy, blocked, struggling for air? A good deep breath of essential oils will quickly help get the oxygen going again. I don’t know how I even lived without this! Young Living Oils that are great for opening airways are RC Essential Oils, Peppermint Essential oils, Eucalyptus Essential oils. Apply 1 drop to the palm of your hand, cup hands over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply for a while. Be careful not to touch your eyes.

6- Boost Immune system

Beat the bugs and winter blues by using Thieves Essential oils blend and oils such as Orange and lemon that are high in vitamin C. Thieves oil is famous for its ability to help kill bugs and keep the immune system strong. Apply 1 drop of each daily for the oils to enter your body and do their magic! Sniff them, diffuse them and just use them. They are nature’s little helper.

7- Hair Growth

Postpartum hair got you down? No worries here. Massage lavender and Cedarwood onto your scalp and watch it grow! Or add a few drops into your conditioner. You can also Make a batch of mermaid hair spray, see pic below for recipe. I bet Rapunzel had Essential oils in her tower 😁

Young living South Africa

8- Break outs

Need help keeping your skin clear? Breakouts got you feeling down. Young living Tea Tree and Orange essential oils are great for helping clear things up. Mix 1 drop with a bit of carrier oil or your regular face product and apply, avoid the eye area and don’t use orange in the morning as it makes skin sensitive to sun light so it is best applied at night.

9- Mood enhancement and upliftment

Nerves and jitters got you down? Or just in need of a bit of upliftment. Try a good sniff of Valor Essential oil blend, or YL Haven aka “Stress Away”, a blend very popular in America but re named for the SA market. Will soon have you feeling yourself again.

10- Bath time bliss

Relax after a long day with your favorite essential oil mixed with a bowl of Epsom salts. Just add 3 drops Young Living essential oils of choice and mix it all together, you can also add a table spoon of Vit E oil or your favorite carrier oil. My favorite oils for bath time are Lavender, Eucalyptus, tea tree, ylang ylang and peace and calming.

Young Living Essential oils South Africa

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