Trying out Catrice Primer and attempting to hide my pores and lines on my forehead

Hi guys :)

So iv been bothered with my wrinkles and large pores that are on my forehead,can’t seem to get them looking better and so I’m trying out things to improve the look of them..  I bought some catrice Prime and Fine pore refining primer and catrice even finish invisible pores and lines matt mousse in 020 natural beige…

OK so firstly I used a make up removing wipes to clean my skin of everything i had on my skin to make sure i was testing the full effect of the primer.

And then I applied the primer to my skin and focused on my forehead, I find if I rubbed horizontal across my lines it fills them better :) so the next pic is me with just the primer…


And then I applied the catrice matt mousse make up all over my face so again a pic of this step.  I must say it does make a big difference, I wish it was a slight bit more of a difference cause then it would be perfect . But it definitely does work and I think for the price I paid R79 each that it’s definitely worth the money if your looking for a budget buy :) it’s better than some of the expensive stuff!?I will hopefully soon get my hands on the clinique primer to try then I can compare if investing in a better one helps. 


 And finally I completely the look with my clinique make up :) it does look good! I do notice a difference on photo,my lines and mostly pores do look alot better so I guess I can say it does work.. go get yourself some!!  




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