Ubuntu Baba – My #1 recommended baby product!

The Ubuntu Baba baby carriers have been an amazing life saver for me, I honestly do not know how I did my first child without one but all I know now is that I will never again have a baby and not have an Ubuntu Baba. Having kids is fucking hard and super emotional so this post is most likely going to get a bit raw and emotional but here is a little story and why Ubuntu Baba is number 1 on my list of recommended baby items.

Lets take a look back to when I first became a mom…

In 2013 when I had my first daughter, Zoe. I had absolutely no freaking clue what the hell I was doing, I don’t have my mom for guidance as she past away when I was young and not many of my friends had kids at that stage in life so guidance was in short supply. We were so excited about this little baby we were having but flip I had no clue how difficult it was going to be and what challenges lay ahead.

My husband ended up taking a job in Cape Town when Zoe was 3 months and I was left all alone in George and this is when things really started getting difficult for me. Zoe was a very clingy baby, she did not want me to put her down at all and basically I spent all of my time holding her except for short periods when I could lay her down on the play mat when she was awake. This meant that I was spending 90% of my day holding a baby and trying to do things with one hand. At night she didn’t sleep… She was just a terrible sleeper and would wake every 30min for some odd reason and cry, I would have to sit up and rock her and sooth her back to sleep.

I reached a stage where I thought I was going to die.. I literally sat here on my bed at 2am rocking my baby all alone, thinking that maybe it would be better if  I just die because I can’t handle feeling like this anymore. The lack of sleep and constant attachment was at that point just too much for me to handle. I was crying all the time, depressed and emotionally at my end. I honestly do not even know how I got past that stage in my life.

Ubuntu Baba

Now why the hell am I telling you this story? Because mothers have to learn from each other and if there is one piece of advice I can give to you then let it be getting an Ubuntu Baba. If I look back and think about how overwhelmed and miserable I was at that stage in life, If I had just had a good baby carrier then It would have changed my situation drastically! I can not stress this enough. The difference it makes with quality of life for new mothers is amazing. The Ubuntu Baba slogan is “To a happy now” .. And this could not be more true. This is exactly what the carrier is, a little helper to help mothers cope with the now.

With my second baby I had the Ubuntu from when Violet was 1 month old and OMG it was life changing. Instead of sitting there holding the baby while I was thinking about everything I wanted to do, I could strap her to me where she was blissfully happy and I got on with my life. I could do my daily chores and make myself coffee, take walks, go to the shops and to coffee dates with friends. We could go for family outings and beach walks without worrying about how we were going to take a newborn with. Having the Ubuntu Baba carrier opened up a whole new window to life as a mother of a newborn. If I sit now looking back to the difference between my first child without a carrier and my second one with one, this difference is how I can rate it as my number 1 recommended baby product for mothers.

I still carry Violet around in our stage 2 and it is still saving me in tough motherhood situations! Best thing we ever bought and my husband will say the same.

I will go as far as saying screw the fancy strollers and nursery items and baby rocker chairs and other things we spend money on. Just get the Ubuntu Baba and it will solve so many things for you. I am having my 3rd baby now and I am so excited to baby wear him and carry him in a comfortable and cozy Ubuntu Baba.

It is light weight and versatile, designed to actually not give you a sore back, easy to wash, folds up small to carry around, you can breastfeed in it and it has straps that are easily adjusted so you don’t stand around struggling. The dad’s love them too!

Here are a few facts and price on there amazing carriers:

» 0-14 months (max 12kgs)
» Ergonomically designed
» Buckled shoulder straps for easy on & off
» Gentle on c-section healing
» Hood for sleep support & discreet nursing
» Large pocket (fits nappies, wipes, dummy)
» Lifetime guarantee
» FREE SHIPPING + 30 day money back guarantee

It is also a proudly South African brand and 100% South African manufactured by a stunning team!

Stage 1 sells from R1390-00 and Stage 2 from R1590-00

South African Baby Carrier

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