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Weight loss- 4 week results! What do you think?

So it has been almost 4 weeks since I did my last weight loss post, I have to admit or tho I am strict with my diet 90% of the time, there has been a few days that I fell of the wagon and ate everything I could find. So I do feel like I could maybe have gotten better results in the 4 weeks if I had fully stuck to it and not cheated too much. But at the same time I feel like it is important to remember not to be too hard on your self, this is more of a lifestyle change than a diet and it takes practice!

Here Bellow are the Before photos as well as the next photos of 4 weeks later so we can compare the physical appearance and results, I have put little arrows pointing to the areas that I think I lost the most cm.


If you read my first post about my weight loss journey then you would have read that I am using Juliette Armand products to shrink down cm and help get rid of saggy skin and cellulite. I have been rubbing on the Juliette Armand Triple action gel as well as the Thermoslim gel to my problem areas, Here is some more info about the products:

Juliette Armand Triple Action

I have to admit that this stuff works like a bomb, especially in combination with the Thermoslim gel. The Triple action body gel with an advanced and innovative formula for drastically combating localized fat, cellulite and skin slackening. It helps brake down the fat in unwanted areas so that it can be flushed out resulting in body contouring.

Juliette Armand Thermoslim gel

You can see and feel this product working, It heats up the area you rub it on causing the skin to look slightly red and feel warm, I have managed to contour down a good amount of my tummy and love handles with it and I am really loving the results. It induces intense hyperemia and a sense of heat that lasts for approximately 30 minutes. Thermoslim Gel stimulates tissue microcirculation,thus decongesting the tissues and triggering the fat burning process.

You can visit or contact Poise Brands on +27 11 033 0500 to order these wonderful products!


As you can see from the After photos, I have managed to loose on my tummy, hips and waist as well as on my legs and the top of my thigh.

Now along with using these products I have also been using Herbalife products as part of my diet, I replace breakfast and lunch with a shake and use a protein powder in some yogurt as a snack to make sure I am getting in enough protein. For the rest of my meals I just make sure to not eat or drink any sugar or anything containing sugar and I have also cut out carbs. I have lost just over 3kg in the last 4 weeks. The other important factor to all of this is to make sure I drink enough water, I can not stress this enough. your water intake has to be high for you to flush out toxins and fat and boost your results.

I have not done any hectic exercise because I have baby with me so I do not get time to go for a jog like I would like to, but we do go for walks and try walk around the house as much as possible during the day and I do squats, planking, leg lifts and a few other little exercises just to strengthen and tone muscle.

Ok so that Is all from me for today, Ill check back in again in a few weeks time! If you have also been on a diet or weight loss journey then please tell me how it is going and what method you are using, It is so nice to keep each other motivated. Or if you have any questions about mine then do not hesitate to comment below and ask.



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  1. Well done on losing in such a short amount of time. And you can see the difference in the pics! You look great already! :)

  2. Looking great!!

  3. jade abbott says:

    The results look so good, especially the tummy! keep it up, I’m so happy for you!

  4. stephanie videira says:

    wow u look great

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