What is a muslin Cloth ?! {GIVEAWAY with Parental Instinct}

I will never forget when I first became a mom, I had no freaking clue what a muslin Cloth /blanket was! I was like ‘why the flip would anyone buy such a thin looking blanket”. As the years went on, I began to notice the endless uses for these odd little blankets called muslins.

What is a muslin cloth: A Muslin cloth is a finely woven and breathable fabric normally made from cotton.

When Violet was born we were lucky enough to get sent a pack of massive muslins from Parental Instinct. Now if you do not know who Parental Instinct are, they are just about the coolest and most innovative baby and toddler clothing brand in SA! Every item they have has some kind of nifty trick to it, like the mosquito repellant sleeping bags, the stain resistant fabric that is a god sent! The color coded snaps on the baby grows, so no more buttoning up and realizing you missed one or did the wrong one.

Check out their hilarious video about their muslin cloths!

The Parental Instinct massive muslin’s are the SOFTEST thing I have ever felt, they are truly amazing to feel, so light and breathable but it still makes a perfect cuddle swaddle blanket for baby, they are made from 100% bamboo and are a big 1.2m x 1.2m!

These Bamboo muslin’s stay soft! In fact they actually get softer after use and a few washes, so do not be scared to put them to work, we do want you to get the most out of them and have super fun while doing it!

So what can I use a muslin cloth for???

The uses are endless… Seriously these just last forever! But here are a few handy and some silly things we do with the massive muslin’s.

Swaddle and cuddle a baby!  

For the softest and most cuddly sleepy time ever! and enough blanket to go around so when your little one starts growing then you still have enough space to wrap a swaddle.

muslin cloth

Pic-nic Blanket

these make the perfect throw down on the grass for a chill session blanket! Plus they are nice and light weight so easy to carry in a hand bag even.

South African blogger

Superhero cape! (because we need to be super Barbie every day!)

My daughter Zoe just loves playing with blankets, she comes up with such creative uses for them!
South african mommy blogger

Mommy needs a scarf too you know! 

These are so soft that I actually keep the one with the Parental Instinct logo on for me! I use it as a scarf lol, and it is so snuggle and looks fancy!

Spilt milk.. No Problem! 

Ok ok so you know from newborn to toddler you always have to clean up some kind of spit up or milk! No worries with a massive muslin around, throw it over your shoulder to burb your baby or use it to wipe up spilt milk, they are made from Bamboo and this makes them absorbent.

muslin cloth

Wrap a baby shower gift!

Wanna get creative for the next baby shower you need to attend? Buy a pack of these and use it as your gift wrapping! you can also use it to wrap up food items for a pic nic.

what is a muslin cloth

Use it as a milk or cheese cloth in the kitchen 

This is probably one of the craziest things I use it for, But it makes the most fantastic milk cloth for the kitchen! If you are like me and make your own almond milk then these are a life saver, they are perfect for straining off the pulp.

muslin milk cloth


Well I think the pictures speak for them selves! Like I said, the uses are endless! Now enter below via Rafflecopter to stand a chance of winning yourself a set of 3.

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Big Thanx to the awesome guys at Parental Instinct for sponsoring this prize.

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