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Things people wont tell you about baby number 2

Today I am basically admitting that motherhood is currently kicking my ass! I have spent the last 6 weeks since Violet was born telling everyone about all the beautiful, good, fluffy emotional stuff but what about the hard parts!

Yes, behind the scenes of my pretty awesome blog and all those moving birth photos and after birth newborn shoot that the photographer magically made look like it was meant to be in a magazine.. Is me struggling! Struggling to find my feet with baby number two. Here are a few things that I have forgotten since my first child and new things I discovered.

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You have forgotten but you sort of remember.

You will have forgotten the little details like how many times a day to change a nappy and how to avoid getting poo on you. Luckily you actually remember how to change the nappy which is a great start but it does not help with learning to deal with poo! Poo all over the baby, the baby’s clothes, the baby blanket you had under the baby (or your bed if you forgot to put something under the baby) and unfortunately your hands too! This you must learn all over again and I am sure you will at least once shout for your husband to come help!

The first 2 weeks are a breeze and then the baby wakes up! 

This I actually remember thinking with my first child but then I forgot it till it was too late and the second child reminded me.. The first two or three weeks are great, you have probably bragged to your friends about how well your little angel of a new born is sleeping and you totally have everything under control. Until week 3 or 4 hits and your beautiful peaceful baby all of a sudden “wakes up” and starts crying more and sleeping less, as if they were just messing with you letting you get comfortable and then BAM! The sleep deprivation will have hit you by now and all of a sudden you feel like a train ran over you and you are half wishing you could put the baby back in your womb. You spend lots of time now  going shhh shhh all day while bouncing around like a crazy person trying to rock the baby to sleep, wishing and hoping the baby will just sleep like it did that first week.

You forgot how to tell what baby signal is what…

You know how with your first child you learnt the difference in a cry that was for pain and one that was for hunger? Well now you have to start all over again figuring out what all the crying is about and what the hell exactly are you gonna do to make it stop! Your probably thinking something like shame she has a cramp or something must be wrong cause she wont stop or keeps waking up when ever I put her down. You probably thinking about going to see some baby expert or doctor for help on what exactly is wrong with your poor child. Well stop that it aint gonna work, there is most likely nothing wrong with your child as only 5% of baby’s actually have colic! I mean did you know that!  You just need to learn what your new baby is telling you and this will take some time. For now just drink coffee.


Having two kids feels more like having 8…

Seriously how does that work tho! I mean I had thought I had things with the first one waxed, she can even sort of dress her self so having a baby in the house can not be that much harder can it? Wrong! It is like soooo much harder. It all of a sudden feels like my time has been sucked out of the day and there is just not enough time for all the things I need to do, the breast feeding, nappies, cleaning, poo all over me and the bed, the baby milk spit up and my toddler “needing” me for everything all of a sudden. Lets now not mention finding time to pee and make a cup of coffee.

When one is sleeping the other will probably be awake…

The sleep while baby sleeps things goes straight out the window with baby number two, unless your first child is at school or your husband is kind enough to take them off your hands for a while, chances are you will always have one awake child around. Its basically impossible to get both kids to sleep at the same time and if you do by some miracle accomplish this then you will be so happy and pleased with yourself you will not get around to falling asleep before one of them wakes up again. Or you will just sit there in bed trying to decide if you want to sleep or get around to doing the million other things you wanna do before they wake up and end up doing neither in time.


But don’t worry, all the cold coffee, poo and 2 million items of baby laundry are all well worth it! You will soon find your feet with baby number 2 and get back to being as normal as you can be with two kids!



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  1. Shaaista Mahomed says:

    I’m expecting baby number 2 and have a 2 year old little girl and as I get closer to delivery i’m getting nervous just thinking about ‘starting’ all over again.

  2. Thank you for convincing me not to try for number two bahaha! Justin and I were considering it yesterday!! like actually considering it!! Shame my love, hang in there you’ve got this ;) Violet is Gorgeous x

  3. Ah my friend! It settles, it really does!!

    They will never sleep at the same time but it DOES get easier!!! Promise!!!

    LOL I also wrote a blog post once about poo!

    It features in parenthood more than anyone ever admits!

    1. Melissa says:

      Lol well poop makes up a large portion of my day now so I may as well write about it!

  4. stephanie videira says:

    Hang in there mom, this will be me next year when my second child arrives

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