{WIN With Bio-Oil} Top Uses for Bio-Oil & why I love it!

I have always been a huge fan of Bio Oil, I used it when I was younger for stretch marks and scars I got through my teen years and I have used it through both of my pregnancies and I never got a stretch mark on my tummy from either of my pregnancies.

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Interesting facts about Bio-Oil

Did you know that Bio-Oil is a proudly South African brand and has been around for 29 years!! (that’s a  whole year longer than I have been alive) It is also sold in over 100 countries around the globe. Bio-oil is manufactured right here in SA in Johannesburg and distributed to other countries from here, It has become the leading scar and stretch mark product in 21 countries. Giving you all the more reason to try it! Even Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham use it.

About Bio-Oil South Africa

Uses for Bio-Oil

I have many different uses for Bio-oil and it always comes in handy!

  • use it for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy
  • use it to fade and get rid of current stretch marks and scars
  • use it as a bath oil, it has a lovely soft fragrance to it that I just love in my bath water.
  • you can use it to remove makeup! Use a tiny bit on a cotton ball to remove eye makeup.
  • use it as a body moisturizer, I like to use it in summer to moisturize my legs after shaving, it gives a non sticky finish and leaves skin looking healthy and glowing!
  • use it for anti aging on your face. use a tiny amount on your fingers and pat around your eye area before bed at night, It really helps reduce those little wrinkles and feeds the skin.


WIN Your own Bio-Oil hamper!

To celebrate heritage day and Bio-Oil being a proudly South African brand, I am giving away a lovely little hamper that is perfect for pregnant women, mothers and even just anyone!

The hamper Consists of: Bio-Oil 60ml, 125ml and 200ml and a gorgeous
white cotton baby grow with grey heart. (see pic below)

Bio-Oil Hamper[1] (1)

All you have to do to enter is:

  1. Comment Below and tell me what you would use your Bio-Oil for?
  2. Share this post on twitter, making sure to tag me so I can see you have done so. @Mel_delaCroix , If you do not have Twitter you can share on Facebook and tag the Pretty Messy Mellon FB page.
  3. Visit the Pretty Messy Mellon Facebook page and tag two friends in the comments of this Bio-Oil competition post shared on there.

Good Luck to everyone!!

Please note:

  • This competition is open to South African Residents only
  • I will randomly choose a winner from the comments and will also check if the winner chosen has completed all 3 steps, If not then I will choose another winner.
  • This prize is sponsored and distributed by Bio-Oil South Africa and I am in no way responsible for loss of damage of your prize. (this is just to cover me in case of some freak accident, I have never actually had it that a prize never makes it to a winner)


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  1. Meghanne Linder says:

    Stretch marks and scars

  2. Carolyn Augustus says:

    I love how versatile Bio Oil is. I use it on myself and my daughters and even use it on my dry and brittle hair.

  3. dina dos santos says:

    i will use it on my stretch marks on my thighs, from picking up weight and loosing it has stretched my skin.

  4. Vannah Piers says:

    Hi there,

    I soooooo neeed this prize, i’m literally on the last little bit off bio oil i own.
    And i have been putting it on my pregnant tummy for months now but on on my upper area and boobs, and i was horrified when i inspected my body this week and realized that some fresh bright red stretch marks were forming under my tummy that i obviously couldn’t see :( Im hoping i caught them in time, but this prixe would really help in fading them at the very least!

    Awesome giveaway!
    Have a super weekend.

  5. Sulika says:

    love Bio oil! I’ve been using it all my life, such a trusted brand. I really need as much of it as possible at the moment, because I have some stretch marks to deal with. My baby boy, Ben is almost 9 weeks old and my post pregnancy belly needs some of that nice non sticky oil!

  6. Zubeidah Tasriet says:

    Bio-Oil improves the appearance of scars.

  7. kristel jansen van rensburg says:

    For stretch marks while being pregnant at the moment

  8. Simone Cameron says:

    I’d use it for the tons of stretch marks left behind from 3 kids….lol. And the cut baby grow I’d gift to my nephew arriving in October <3 #FirstTimeAunt

  9. Yvette Hamilton says:

    I’d use this awesome product on my stretch marks <3 sharing on fb

  10. Sharleen says:

    I have dry skin so it’s a must for me

  11. Priscilla Boscombe says:

    I absolutely swear by BIO OIL….. I had a hysterectomy a few years ago and hardly have a scar at all. My new goddaughter Paige was born via c-section last Monday and I would love to give her Mommy a bottle to help her as much as it helped me :)

  12. Pravina W says:

    I love Bio-Oil. Been using it since I was a teen when found out about it in the 2000. I use it for my face and stretch marks, as well as on my leg scars. It has made a huge difference and I cannot imagine life without Bio-Oil. It is a miracle product for me. Love it to bits.

    Shared on twitter (@sweetsweetamaro)

  13. Bianca Balutto says:

    I would use it on my stretch marks and scars. Shared on twitter my twitter handle is @b_balutto & fb Bianca Chante Balutto

  14. Kate Smith says:

    I really am trying to avoid stretch mark, this is my first pregnancy and I am just over 16 weeks so I think I need to ramp up the bio-oil as I begin to show.

  15. I would use it on my c-section scar. I hate that butchered look on my body.

  16. Liezel Thomas says:

    Stretch marks and winter moisturiser

  17. Ayanda Moloi says:

    I gave back via C-section 3 weeks ago to a beautiful Baby Girl.Im guilty of not preventing the stretch marks during my entire pregnancy,so I have turned to Bio-Oil to minimize the stretch marks all over my tummy,breasts,legs and arms. *Fingers crossed I get this giveaway to stock up,and that Babygrow would look great on my Lineo :)*

  18. Ayanda Moloi says:

    I gave birth via C-section 3 weeks ago to a beautiful Baby Girl.Im guilty of not preventing the stretch marks during my entire pregnancy,so I have turned to Bio-Oil to minimize the stretch marks all over my tummy,breasts,legs and arms. *Fingers crossed I get this giveaway to stock up,and that Babygrow would look great on my Lineo :)*

  19. renee ramsamy says:

    I love bio oil been using since young.i use it for my skin & body also use it on my hair .it is superb .at nite i rub on my face before i go to sleep.wonderful oil for the whole family

  20. emlyn thomas says:

    body moisturizer

  21. Ronnae Elliott says:

    I would use it for stretch marks on my pregnant belly

  22. Well I have stretch marks on my belly and a c sesction scar, it helps with the dark patches on my knees and elbows and also I have extremely dry skin. It also works wonders in bath water

  23. Jackie Katzen says:

    Most definitely for stretch marks !!

  24. Shelayne Roman says:

    I would use Bio Oil on my stomach. After I had my twins my stomach stretched beyond it’s limits and now that I have lost more weight it really stands out. I must be honest I am not shy about it but I would love for it to be little less visible.

  25. Susann says:

    I have always used Bio-Oil to minimize my scars, but …when the newling arrives I’m sure I will need it for her.

  26. stephanie videira says:

    Will iam currently 13 weeks pregnant so will be using it on my tummy

  27. EMIZER says:

    I use it on my stretch marks cause i was pregnant and i still have stretch marks on my belly and they are disappearing slowly..

  28. Zimkhitha T Dintwa says:

    I’d use it for my stretchmarks on my tummy as I’m currently pregnant.

  29. Zimkhitha T Dintwa says:

    I’ll use it for the stretchmarks on my tummy as I am currently pregnant. I’d be very happy to win this.

  30. Helena says:

    Because my darling daughter was so overdue that I eventually did get stretch marks in the last 2 weeks

  31. I also used Bio oil throughout my pregnancies and even though I was HUGE with my second child, I didn’t have one stretchmark, so I’m a huge fan of Bio Oil! Now that my children are older, I would use this on their skin, in their baths and I would mix it with my night cream for extra nourishment in these winter/spring months. I’d also soothe my husband’s dry elbows with it, they seriously need some TLC! Liked and shared on FB :-)

  32. Manjoo Rughunandan says:

    Hi , awesome Bio oil ,I used it for stretch marks , marks ,scars ,psoriasis & bruises . I have very dry skin I add a little in my bath water .excellent product.

  33. Rehana Seedat says:

    Bio Oil is nothing short of a miracle. 4 months ago, I had a spinal fusion surgery which was unfortunately complicated by a MRSA infection. My incision failed to heal for 10 weeks, and I was forced to rely on a wound vac to close the surgical wound. As soon as the wound healed, I began applying Bio Oil two to three times a day. 5 weeks later, the scar is lighter, softer, less grainy and SMALLER! The product is easy to use, has a fresh scent, and doesn’t stain my clothes. It is a light and highly absorbent oil that comforts itchy, irritated skin. I also suffer from eczema – my skin becomes flaky, dry & itchy. During the Winter months my skin condition worsens. I use Bio oil daily & apply it directly to my skin. I also put a few drops in in my bath tub and use it as a bath oil. Bio Oil has helped my skin condition tremendously. Reduces on the dryness, itchyness & keeps skin more hydrated, soft & supple. I will continue to use this amazing product that has helped alleviate my skin problems.

  34. Andrea says:

    Twitter handle: @Anr3a17_Andrea
    Tagged friends on FB

    I am currently pregnant and my skin is super dry so I would use it all over my body, especially on my tummy!

  35. Megan Hartwig says:

    I would use and put a few drops in my bath and take a nourishing, deep soak for long lasting, soft and hydrated skin. Shared on Facebook and Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Fingers crossed.

  36. jade abbott says:

    Is this only for mothers? I like Bio-Oil and would like the chance to win the hamper but I don’t need a baby grower :) I’d rather not enter and give the mothers a chance if this is the case :)

  37. Zelmarie Beselaar says:

    Hi Mel!

    I’m a small college girl with terrible stretch marks – even though I never gained a lot of weight.
    But I’m deathly afraid of pregnancy and that it will worsen the marks I already have!

    I have used bio oil before, so perhaps this could be my saving grace!

  38. Ahhh so awesome!! I’m trying to concive my second baby and would love to use it during my second pregnancy!!

  39. Andrea says:

    I am currently pregnant and I have so many stretch marks and scarring already. I will definitely use this on my tummy

  40. Melissa Govender says:

    I will use it to fade and get rid of current stretch marks and scars to regain self confidence in my body again.

  41. Nokwanda says:

    I’d use the hamper to fade off my existing stretch marks and scars. I’d also use it as bath oil and a body moisturizer

  42. Angela Howell says:

    On 11 November I will be going in for my C section. I used bio oil for my first and the scar was gone in a few months. I use it now and haven’t even gotten 1 stretch mark. BIO OIL is my saving grace. Always will be.

  43. Nomfundo Hlegu says:

    I will use it to prevent stretch marks from developing, keeping my skin soft at all times..

  44. Brenda Fernandes says:

    #Bio-Oil for the anti ageing properties

  45. Shanall Manickum says:

    I use Bio Oil for my stretch marks

  46. chevonne poole says:

    i would use it on my stretch marks as well as my scar from a dog bite on my calf.

  47. Nicolette Nunes says:

    I will use it on my post baby stretch marks

  48. I use it for my burn marks and it is helping by fading it away

  49. Manjoo Rughunadan says:

    I use bio oil for my chicken pox scars ,I had lots of mark on me it helped to lighten the marks

  50. After two pregnancies and loosing almost 20kg my tummy, legs, and arms have stretch marks, I would love to win this hamper to start repairing the scars. I also have a nephew joining the world soon so I would give the baby grow him <3

  51. Carmel Hargreaves says:

    After my pregnancy, I have darks marks at the back of my arms. They are few dark pimples. So it was awesome for that. I also used it for my scalp

  52. Francina Stainbank says:

    I would use bio oil for my stretch marks. Stopped using it as it was expensive to purchase.

  53. Sandhaya V Maharaj says:

    I have eczema scars which would benefit greatly from Bio Oil use.

  54. Joane Olivier says:

    I would use it for the scarring on my face left by terrible acne. I have PCOS (Polycycstic ovarian syndrome) which means that I might not be able to have kids, but also that I suffer from hormonal acne due to excess male hormone in my body. The scarring really upsets me though, don’t really like showing my face to the world.

  55. Dionne davidson says:

    I would use this for the stretch marks on my boobs, mix it in my lotion and I find it great on the scalp sometimes, so for that too!

  56. Ragmat Baron says:

    I love Bio-Oil and use it for my dry feet in winter and for my stretchmarks works wonders

  57. Alvina Pillay says:

    I have had 2 kids and i use bio oil for stretch marks and to moisturize my skin

  58. Anusha Naidoo says:

    I will use it for my stretch marks on legs and tummy. And for the scars I have due to an accident

  59. Selloane Molahlehi says:

    I love to used Bio oil because it did help me to gain my confidence again. I did develop rush on my neck ,after that rush heal ,it left dark mark on my neck but after I used Bio oil it did really lightning my neck cause now I’m able to wear clothes that show my neck & accessories. Thank you Bio oil you’re the best.

    1. Selloane Molahlehi says:

      I recommended Bio oil to all my family & friends.

  60. I would use The Bio-oil hamper to start repairing my skin from stretchmarks but i also suffer from psoriasis and i find that bio-oil helps to nourish and soften my skin which helps to keep my psoriasis from spreading and flaring up too much.

  61. I would use bio oil in my bath, also for my stetch marks and patches of uneven skin tone, Bio-oil great and can be used for anything

  62. Trisha Balland says:

    I suffered with Ulcerative Colitis(colon disease) for the past two years and have been on (prednisone) steroid treatment. The site effects are horrendous. It left me with huge deep dark ugly stretch marks. Worse than pregnancy stretch marks. I would love to win this bio-oil hamper to start treating these ugly scars.

  63. Susann says:

    I use it on my tummy. I actually have scars from all the injections. Then obviously I use it on baby’s hands and feet to keep her skin soft.

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