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Win With Lipidol this Mothers day

Sunday 14th May is Mothers day, a day to reflect and appreciate our mothers! 

When you are looking for a good gift to spoil mom this mothers day, then the Lipidol range is a fantastic choice! Lipidol is brought to you by the makers of Bio-oil (and you know how fabulous Bio-oil is). The whole Lipidol range is very affordable and all retail for under R100. Today I am also giving you a chance to WIN a stunning Lipidol hamper with a beautiful 100% cotton bath gown!

The Lipidol range provides an oil-solution for the most common daily grooming occasions
– a Cleansing Face Oil and Cleansing Body Oil that wash off dirt without stripping the skin’s
natural oily layer; and four leave-on products – an After Shower Oil, Sunscreen Oil (SPF 20),
After Shave Oil and Overnight Face Oil – that supplement the skin’s natural oily layer.
All the products in the range have been fragranced using essential oils and colored using
natural plant extracts, no synthetic dyes are used. Lipidol has been independently tested and
found to be suitable for sensitive skin and is non-comedogenic.

The Lipidol range is available from Clicks stores.

I really enjoy these oils, it is so nice to get out of a bath or shower and have your skin feel hydrated and soft. Oil cleansers are brilliant at keeping your skin moisturized and are easy to use in the shower or bath.

How to enter to win the pretty hamper pictured above..

  1. Go Join the Pretty Messy Mellon Facebook Group, Here is the link:
  2. Comment on the Giveaway post in the group telling me what mothers day means to you and what you think of the Lipidol prize.
  3. You can also add friends to the above group to help grow our community so we can run further giveaways. If you choose to add friends to the group, please only add a few close friends that you think will enjoy it. I hate spamming peeps.

Terms and conditions……

This competition is only open to South African residents. Winner will be chosen by random draw. If the winner doesn’t claim the prize withing 1 week, I will re-draw. The prize is sponsored and I am in no way responsible for loss or damage of the prize while it is in transit to you by the courier.



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    Entered & hoping to win this Lipidol range! :-)

  2. Janel Sunderlall says:

    Fingers Crossed ☺

  3. Marusckha Scholtz says:

    Lovely Prize! :)

  4. Priscilla Boscombe says:

    I’m a godmother for two very special little girls and love every minute of it. Lipidol wow sounds fantastic especially for the dry winter months to come

    1. Melissa says:

      Remember to go comment on the Group post on Facebook for your entry to be valid. X

  5. FARIDA JINOO says:


    1. Melissa says:

      Remember to go comment on the Group post on Facebook for your entry to be valid. X

  6. Lizelle wait says:

    Being a mother of twin boys it’s going to be super busy but loving every moment of it.Would love to pamper myself and relief some stress levels and feel beautiful again

    1. Melissa says:

      Remember to go comment on the Group post on Facebook for your entry to be valid. X

  7. Sofiah says:

    Is this the correct place to leave a comment?

    1. Melissa says:

      Remember to go comment on the Group post on Facebook for your entry to be valid. X the link is above in the post

  8. Tania Brewis says:

    Wow! What an amazing prize!

  9. Ria Kahl says:

    Mothers day is being happy and contend that I am blessed to have children. And this prize is BIG and good to try out new products never used before like Lipidol. Thank you!

    1. Melissa says:

      Remember to go comment on the Group post on Facebook for your entry to be valid. X

  10. Andrea says:

    It’s my first mother’s day and I am looking forward to spending it with my darling angel girl. I always imagined what my first mother’s day would be like, and now that it is around the corner, it feels surreal. Truly a rewarding day for me!This prize is absolutely magnificent, what a fantastic way to spoil the mummies!

    1. Melissa says:

      Remember to go comment on the Group post on Facebook for your entry to be valid. X

  11. Tracy Jacobs says:

    Oooh love Lipidol! Makes my skin so soft….Mother’s Day is special cos I get to spoil my mom, but I spoil her throughout the year too, my boys also spoil me on Mother’s Day but also am blessed by them at other times too

    1. Melissa says:

      Remember to go comment on the Group post on Facebook for your entry to be valid. X

  12. Melanie Pretorius says:

    Entered, fingers crossed xo

  13. Joles says:

    Mothers Day is such a special day of the year to show Mum, how much we truly appreciate her. My mother, Maggie Matthew, is the light in our family and inspires me like no other person on this earth. From her shines true love that would sow love in every member of the family. She shows true compassion that is needed to link each family member towards unity. She is the epitome of a woman through her beliefs, decisions and care as shown by her noble love.
    Mother’s wise words of advice filled with tenderness remains with each of her 3 daughters in how she taught us to forgive and keep our hearts pure and open and never to allow envy or jealousy to ever set in. I am able to remain calm even in the most adverse of situations due to the resilience that she has cultivated in me.
    I admire my mother for the years that she silently put others first, before herself. She would wake up in the wee hours of the morning just to feed us. She sacrificed her sleep just to keep an eye on her gentle and delicate baby. She hums beautiful lullabies as she promises her child the comfort in life and the everlasting love that she is willing to offer. As we grew up she guided us not just on our first steps but also in first words. She opened us to the beauty that the world can offer. She chose to be with us whenever we were sick. She would skip workdays just to attend school meetings, birthdays and other occasions. And still she provides comfort in times of heartaches and sufferings. She is willing to lend an open hand whenever we face difficulties in life. She guides us to the right path. She utters encouraging words to give strength. My mother is the most forgiving person. No matter how painful words from us may hurt her, she would still be the one to initiate to close the gaps between us. She initiates peace and love so that the family would stay bonded together. She always humbles herself for the welfare of her family. She knows how to forgive and forget. A mother is the first to feel pain in times of indifferences and conflicts that each family member is going through but she knows how to be strong to transform pain into courage to shed hope during rough times. She is the first person to save her child from the untoward incidents that we may face in this cruel world. A mother would always be a mother. No matter where she goes, no matter what she does, she will remain to be the most loved person on earth. Her works may not be printed in the best books ever published. But her true worth would remain in each child that had witnessed how unselfish she is, how good she is and how beautiful she is inside and out.

  14. Sharissa Naicker says:

    Awesome prize

  15. Anisha Singh says:

    Wow! What a fantastic prize! Love to win! I will certainly share my Lipadol loot with my 2 mothers! ❤️

  16. Dawn Clarke says:

    Mother’s day means to me.. A day specifically in which to show my mum how special she is to me. How much I value and appreciate her. An excuse to spoil her as much as possible. Also a reminder to me how much she has done for me and I am shocked I am because of her.

  17. Brenda Fernandes says:

    Fantastic opportunity

  18. Markgavin SYLVESTER says:

    Awesome PRIZE to win

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