World Toilet day with Domestos #WeArePissedOff

This year for world toilet day, Domestos will be having an online protest to bring to light how bad the sanitation crisis in South African schools actually is. Did you know that out of 24 000 public schools in South Africa, only 8000 have flushing toilets. There are schools in South Africa that have over 1000 learners and no working toilets. How absolutely shocking is that! A Toilet is such a basic need especially for little children.

Can you imagine not having a flushing, clean toilet? Would you send your child to school if you knew they did not have access to a working and clean toilet? Take a moment to just imagine your child going to a toilet that can not flush and is not clean, does this image make you happy? Please read further so that we can join the online protest!

The aim of this campaign is to bring awareness and spread the word so watch the below Domestos video and share it to social media so that we can make a difference.

Already over 400 000 children in 475 South African schools have been given access to improved sanitation through the Domestos school renovation and hygiene education program’s, resulting in less illness and increased school attendance.Since 2010, Domestos has renovated 26 school bathrooms and the result in those schools was that attendance increased by 80%.

Share your thoughts and encouragement for this campaign with the hashtag #WeArePissedOff  #WorldToiletDay

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