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Young Living Essential oils seem to be the talk of the town at the moment and I have a whole long story to tell you about how 3 little bottles have transformed my life in the last three weeks. Changes my mental clarity, calmed, helped my children concentrate and even earned me an income!!!! This started off as a press drop of 3 oils and a soap bar and has morphed into a full on life changing event. I went on to purchase my own starter kit within a few days of trying them out.

Let me tell you my story and about how you can purchase the products from me on Essential Living (My distributor page) and possibly earn an income if you want!

Young Living South Africa

I have always loved essential oils, my favorite is Ylang Ylang and Jasmine, I used what I thought was a great brand and I went through a good few bottles a month, sprinkling it into the bath and on my bed and for a good massage. Towards the end of my pregnancy with Ethan I was using a rather good amount to help me bring on labor as I was over due, I had read up on the use of Clary sage and I think I used about 3 bottles maybe 4, at R160 a bottle and It did not help me much with anything and I was left feeling a bit frustrated. Little did I know that shop bought brands are not actually pure and I was also using the oils incorrectly.

When I saw Young Living I immediately got excited, a whole new world of superior quality Essential Oils on it’s way to South Africa. I had been struggling terribly with my daughter Zoe and her mood swings and concentrations, it was an endless battle of fights and after school melt downs that had the whole family feeling frustrated and exhausted. I was determined to find something of a natural source to help her calm herself and gain some kind of focus in her life and if it could aid me with my anxiety symptoms then bonus. Extra bonus bonus if it smell fantastic lol.

I actually think everyone probably thought I was insane when I said I was going to be using aromatherapy to help Zoe control her emotions. I mean even I was just hoping for the best, I have faith in natural alternatives and always go that route first but we had never tried anything like this. Looking at it now and having shared oils with friends who have also come back with an amazing response and feedback, it’s the best thing I have done in ages!

The Young Living Essential Oils are not a medical product so they do not claim to cure anything or treat any medical issues and are rather there to aid and support the body and immune system. Our problems were of more of an emotional source that could be miss interpreted as medical and easily called ADHD. Sometimes we have to look closely at what our bodies need and not just what it appears to be.

Young Living oils are 100% PURE , no watering down or cutting with alcohol, no pesticides used in growing their sustainable crops. The company has every angle covered as far as being 100% pure all natural plant power. And If you are like me, and believe that plants have Major wellness and emotional benefits to us then you will now immediately be grasping this light-bulb moment here!!! Young Living oils are so concentrated that you only require 1 drop at a time and this is where the value comes in. Quality over quantity and I think once you understand this as well as the benefits of the oils then the price tag doesn’t seem as hectic anymore. with around 260 drops in a 15ml bottle, you will get more than enough use out of it. Thats 2 drops a day on average per oil making it last you around 5 months. So that R300 bottle is giving you your moneys worth.

Let’s take Eucalyptus for instance. Well known for its use in medical products that open up the chest/nose and help you breathe easily. So now why are we not using 100% Eucalyptus straight from our god given earth instead of shop bought brews laced with chemicals and additives. Same applies to other amazing plants and flowers.

Young living South Africa

We are now a few weeks into our Young Living journey and I couldn’t be happier! We are using Cedarwood and Lavender on the children as they have many different wellness benefits. Zoe uses in the morning before school to help with her concentration and handle her emotions. She is like a different child these days, calmer, has actual conversations with me instead of the tantrums and melt downs. Ethan gets a nice rub down with lavender and cedarwood before bed and we are sleeping better than we have in months! Its like freaking Christmas, we actually look forward to bedtime now. My Favorite oil so far has got to be Valor, It helps support you on an emotional level and like the name says, gives you courage for the day ahead. Plus it smells absolutely amazing, I got given a few drops and now its on top of my oils wish list! It’s actually like perfume but with health benefits.

The 11 oils that come in the starter kit

I used the oils to support my immune system when I had the flu last week, the thieves blend is very well know as an immune booster and let me tell you, it works like a freaking bomb! That combined with the RC and peppermint and I felt like a million bucks. I have been using 1 drop of Lavender oil in my face cream in the mornings and 1 drop of lemon in my cream at night and its doing great things to help with a healthy skin appearance. Lemon is also great for adding 1 drop on your tooth brush when brushing, it helps get your teeth super squeaky clean and you will actually not believe what a great job it does.

The kiddies have the cutest owl diffuser that plays soothing sounds and lullaby, it also functions as a night light and humidifier. It sells for R1005 and comes with a 5ml lavender. An average humidifier in SA alone costs around R600 and doesn’t do nearly as much as this. So the value is definitely great! All the diffusers are made with a medical grade plastic so that the plastic does not break down from the oils. You can place an order with me HERE

I ended up connecting with a friend here in George who is distributing for Young Living Essential Oils and I went to join in on some Oils 101 information sessions and I was hooked. I have also become a distributor now and have already earned my first income from it, how exciting! It is also super easy. You just sign up by purchasing a starter kit for $160 + $25 shipping (its around R2800 including shipping) you then get your entire kit with 11 oils and the diffuser, you get your distributor profile so you then get 24% of all your future purchases even if you don’t want to be a distributor and just want the discount to keep up your personal oil supply. You get the chance to earn commission and a once off $50 for every friend that you refer who buys a starter kit. Its been around 3 weeks now and I think I have made around R3000 just by telling friends and them making purchases. And that just kind of happened without me even thinking about this as a way to make pocket money. I basically made my kit money back and more and I will get commission next month as well and every month after that that will continue growing as I refer people (Bring on that bottle of Valor).

All in all my conclusion is that Young Living Essential Oils are welcome to stay! we are in love with the brand and all of their products, including the Thieves cleaning range! But I think ill put up a second post for all of that and maybe explain a bit more about how signing up works and becoming a distributor, if anyone is interested you are welcome to message me and I’ll get back to you.

My Little team is so lovely, they have weekly info webinars and a whatsapp group for oils chat and support so you can learn quickly. There is literally support and guidance every step of the way, I knew nothing about this a few weeks ago and now I am totally rocking it.

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